Virag Gulyas
Non-Jewish Zionist, Common Sense Activist

I Am Not A Jew But I Wouldn’t Mind If….

Let’s clarify something: I am not Jewish.
But I am openly standing with Israel.

Let’s clarify something else: I am not against Palestinians.
But I am openly against terrorists.

Let’s clarify something else also: sometimes you need to stand up and say what you believe in.
Or as Jay Leno said the other day ’At some point in your life, you have to sort of take sides. I realize how important Israel is. I am very pro-Israeli’.

So now that we clarified that I am  a non-Jew standing with Israel, yet not being against Palestinians but full-heartedly fighting terrorists; no we can start talking.

Why did I feel important to tell you this?

Because today I was stigmatized. I was stigmatized as a Jew, who belongs to her ‘own race’. Today I was stigmatized. Just like that.Or rather just because I stood up for Israel.

Besides the fact that it made me stop what I was doing and think how terribly bad it feels, even knowing that I was not actually stigmatized per se since I am not Jewish; it still made me realize something.
Something that was somehow in me ever since my feet touched that so emotion-filled earth of Israel for the very first time in 2011. Now I can define it: ‘I know I am not Jewish but I wish I would be one.’

I know no other nation, who stands so together, who unites when needed, who beats as one heart. Who keeps her sense of humour in hard times, who invents something exceptional each and every day, whose political leaders can put aside their agenda and say ‘We have one nation and one heart, and even if we disagree we are one […] and there is no argument between opposition and coalition that what we are doing is to protect our country’ (Opposition Leader, MK Isaac Herzog )

I know no other nation, who would laugh and cry together as much as Israel.
I know no other nation, whose people suffered as much as Israel, yet never lost hope.
I know no other nation, who stood up as many times as Israel and kept on going.
I know no other nation, whose army exists to protect itself not to destroy others.
I know no other nation, whose hospitals treat the ‘enemy’, whose soldiers rescue civilians form the ‘enemy‘, whose soldiers are put at court should they make a mistake, or whose army would treat gay people as equal human beings for that matter.
I know no other nation, whose alliance would work better, whose heart would be bigger, and whose mission would be simpler than Israel’s and that is to EXIST.

As a little girl the biggest stereotype I heard about Jewish people was that they help each other no matter what, and they tend to close up to groups (hence they progress). Back then I was told this as something of a pejorative feature. Today, I realized how much it is no. Today I envy it.
I envy you that you can do what no other nation: to unite in hard times and to accept in good ones.

So, yes, I am not Jewish but I wouldn’t mind if….

If somebody says Israel needs this fight then he undermines the life of human being in as much as he claims Israel to do so.
Young soldiers, young guys. Guys a week before their marriage, a week after their first new-born. Guys with four kids waiting at home, guys just fathers-to-be . Guys with elder parents, guys with brothers and sisters. Guys with plans, dreams and hopes.  Guys just like you.

These guys do not want to be there. These guys don’t want to fight. These guys would have better things to do. This guys want to live, but live to the fullest: in peace, in safety. They want to have a life knowing that going to discotheque will not mark their last day, using a public bus will not make their soul fly away, going into a shopping mall will not mean they never go home. So simple and granted things for many of us; yet not for these guys.

You asking why Gaza is barricaded?
When gates were open, there were discotheques, buses, shopping malls bombed up by suicide-bombers. There was neither peace, nor safety.

You saying Israel occupies Gaza?
Israel left Gaza in 2005 as a territory with prosperity and with the opportunity to make a new tourist-business attracting  area.

What happened instead?
Things got destroyed. School, hospitals and businesses.
Money (received as aid) was spent on channels of tunnels to get into Israel (though they claim it was for commercial needs, so why the weapons. Or they wanted to commercialize them? Within Israel?).
5,000 missiles were sent over Israel.
Hamas took over (2006) and there is still no peace, nor safety.

That is for now, enough to digest it and think it over!
And remember I am not Jewish but I am standing with Israel, because ‘I realize how important Israel is’.