Miriam Leah Epstein Preil
musical neshama

I Believe

The Kotel (courtesy)
The Kotel (courtesy)

On February 11, 2013, Rosh Chodesh Adar 5773, I BELIEVE  poured from my heart, with HaShem’s help. Today, years later in February 2019, it’s Adar Aleph 5779, and still I hold firm and my heart cries out:

                                   I BELIEVE                      

“I believe in the sun when it is not shining.

I believe in love even when feeling it not.

I believe in G-d even when He is silent.”

            — words of  Holocaust victims, found  on the walls of their hiding place.


 If I could add to those words—


 I believe in G-d’s voice in music, to hold me and carry me.

No matter how sorrowful the melody.

I believe in G-d’s gift of family.

No matter the distance forced between us continuously.

I believe in G-d’s graces given to me.

No matter their suffocating deeply.

I believe in G-d’s love in me.

No matter it struggling painfully.

I believe in G-d’s angels of mercy,

No matter I can’t see.

I believe in G-d’s justice for all humanity.

No matter the indifference surrounding me.

I believe in G-d’s magnanimity.

No matter man’s cruelty.

I believe in G-d’s sovereignty.

No matter He has been abandoned by man’s folly.


I believe G-d is always here for me.

No matter the doubts and insecurity.

I believe I must believe in G-d, faithfully.

No matter the challenges before me.

I believe G-d’s voice is His music yearning within me.                                                            No matter the discord torturing me.


—dedicated to all who were killed by Nazi atrocities, and those who endure the ongoing deceit of Amalek

About the Author
Miriam Leah Epstein Preil grew up in the midwest, but her heart has always been in Israel! She began playing piano by ear when she was six years old, and by age seven was already studying piano seriously. Her musicality and passion for music were remarkable from an early age. She and the piano are inseparable! Music fills her life and home. Miriam Leah has composed pieces for piano, piano and voice, and many Niggunim. Her poetry is unique, each poem stands on its own yet becomes greater within her collection of poems. All universal. She utilizes her writing to engage people in thought, stir discussion, share insights, support causes, bring forth truths, educate, and inspire souls. She has taught Judaics and Jewish music extensively in Jewish Day schools for many years. Miriam Leah combines her love of music and creative writing with her devotion to Am Yisroel and Eretz Yisroel, through her writing of Divrei Torah and advocating for Jewish values and Israel.
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