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I defend the State of Israel

Argentine poet Jorge Luis Borges holds a press conference while in Madrid, Spain. | Location: Madrid, Spain.
Argentinian poet Jorge Luis Borges holds a press conference while in Madrid, Spain, in 1963. (Getty Images via JTA)

“You shall be an Israeli, you shall be a soldier. You shall build the homeland with marshes: you shall raise it up with deserts. Your brother, whose face you have never seen, shall work with you. We promise you only one thing: your place in battle.”
-Jorge Luis Borges; Israel, 1969.

I defend the State of Israel because it is the only Jewish state in the universe that we know of.

I defend Israel because its existence has cost the lives of millions of Jews, of friends of Israel, of the Righteous Among the Nations. I defend the modern State of Israel because it is the Jewish national home and being so, it became the home of the hundreds of thousands of survivors of the Holocaust, which not only took the lives of the 6 million Jews, among those, one and a half million babies and children, thrown into the crematoria with their parents, without any mercy; without pity. And, likewise, Israel was not created in the wake of the Holocaust, for the Zionist cause led by the legendary Theodor Herzl, and all the other Jews who advanced and even died for the cause, dates back to the late 19th century.

The Zionist cause predates Nazism, but not anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism that dates back centuries, and which, to this day, is starring in new “blood libels”, promotes attacks (even to the point of death) on Jewish individuals or collectives, and encourages vandalism of Jewish institutions, among other things. So first go and see Herzl’s grave on the hill of the same name, before visiting the memorial to the 6 million European Jews exterminated by the Nazis. It is to be understood that the Zionist movement is the forerunner of the modern state of Israel. And, it is so, because of the anti-Semitism that caused terrible “pogroms” or massacres of Jews, including various kinds of humiliation, because of, and only because of, the fact that they were Jews.

The modern State of Israel was created in 1947 by Resolution 181 of the UN General Assembly, which ratified the work and efforts of the international Zionist movement and, in a way, vindicated the nations with the Jews in the face of the great abandonment during the years when millions of Jews were inhumanely brought to their end by the hand of man, in this case the Nazis and all their sympathisers and collaborators.

Well, Israel is perhaps the nation that has the most right to exist, since it was a people, a nation, without land, despite having always had the necessary requirements to consolidate itself as a state, except that of land. Land that, in this case, had the presence of the first known Jews in our civilisation, that is, Abraham and all his great descendants, among them there would be personalities in all areas, for example: Moses, Jesus, Maimonides, Mendelsohn, Spinoza, Marx, Kafka, Freud, Einstein, Allen, Spielberg, etc.

There is a fact that by statistics alone has a considerable indicator, as evidenced by the Nobel prizes, awarded to a percentage of about 25% of Jewish individuals, being only 0.2% of the world population, one of the smallest minorities in the world. Moreover, considering that more than one third of the world’s Jewish population disappeared in the Holocaust.

I defend Israel as a nation with the right to defend itself, as a nation historically persecuted, relentlessly attacked by Islamic terrorism, by global anti-Semitism, by anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist, anti-Israeli… anti-Semitic hypocrisy. Moreover, Israel is and has been the national home of Jews unprotected, persecuted, attacked, harassed and even expelled from their nations of birth, just because they are Jews.

Israel, stalked by its enemies, has managed to consolidate one of the leading nations in the world, with technological and scientific advances, setting an example to other nations. It has done it all while defending itself. Sleeping with one eye always open, and despite this, the enemy has managed to get away with it, and pretends that all the blame lies with the Israeli, who holds his head high, but not out of pride or haughtiness, but because it is his turn.
The oldest of nations is also the youngest, said Borges.

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