Donald Trump is the right pick for President of the United States, here is why

The U.S. Presidential elections are coming to a close. I will give it my last attempted to state why I personally feel to show why Donald Trump is the candidate to vote for.

It has been a tough election year since it has kicked off. I feel many people are not realizing what is at stake due to personal convictions and people’s own agenda. Of course, it would be great to elect a candidate that matched our values and how we act in society. The thing we know is that the USA is literally a world melting pot with people of all cultures, race, backgrounds, religious beliefs, education and political ideas.  While, it is necessary to elect the candidate that has the best of all Americans at heart, it is not just about this.  It is about the survival of the Western World, and beyond that, how the entire world is affected.

We need to look at the policies and the history of their success to make the educated vote. We need to get past the ignorance of off the cuff comments, like for Trump, for instance, what he said in the locker room well should have “stayed” in the locker room. It was meant to be a private discussion. In addition the audacity for democrats under the Clinton campaign to bring up false accusations of rape towards Donald Trump that was out of line. Donald Trump talks policies but then Clinton brings up unnecessary drama, why because her policies fail. Like Donald Trump said, “what accomplishments has Hillary Clinton done in the past 30 years?” The attacks that she brings upon him is irrelevant to the Presidency. Folks, we are not electing the Rabbi or Pope of the United States, we are electing the President of the United States.

Again let’s look at Donald Trump’s success rate, turning the money he received from his father into a billion dollar corporation. He has businesses all over the world and yes employs Muslims, Jews, Catholics, women.  He employs and works well with all the various kinds of people he has been accused of being racist or taken advantage of.

He has the best foreign policy between the two candidates.  There is nothing wrong in protecting your people without telling the world that a proper security plan will entail while still in the throws of a difficult campaign.  He knows and states clearly what the facts are.  He is clear about how we are at war with radical Islam, did he say Islam no he said radical Islam.  Where as Hillary Clinton and the current administration will not utter the words.  Radical Islamist do in fact use women and children as weapons to carry out their terrorist activity and agenda so of course he wants America’s security to be top notch and be very thorough on who he allows to reside in America.

We in Israel especially Israel knows how vital to have fences and walls to protect our borders. Trump is correct again. For America to survive it needs protection and having a wall on its borders is just that protection. Also by allowing illegal immigrants to come into the U.S. and give them a path to citizenship is saying it is OK to break the law. It has nothing to do with them being Mexican. Trump and many Republicans like the fact that people come to America for a better opportunity, but they should do it legally and for Hillary Clinton allowing them to come illegally makes it unfair to those who do it the right way. Back to Israel, Donald Trump publicly declared Jerusalem, the undivided capital of Israel. Clinton wants a two-state solution. I have mentioned before what Trump has done for Israel. What has Hillary done for Israel?

Donald Trump has proved he is a human being, as he has made mistakes over the years.  Who among us hasn’t?  But were any of his mistakes fatal?  No.  How about Hillary’s?  Yes.  Again, I can’t say this enough but Benghazi was a failed disaster.  She had the chance to help the 4 Americans that were in need of Military assistance but she chose to stand down, and as a result 4 Americans died at the hands of our enemy.  Can you trust her as Commander in chief?  Then there are those pesky emails.  She had more than 30,000 of them deleted from a private unsecured server, in the basement of her own home.

So to wrap this up, the choice is pretty clear who should be President.  It is a must to get past mainstream media.  Do your own vetting of the candidates.  Look at their history and vote, because every vote counts.  When my absentee ballot comes in, I will proudly vote for Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.

About the Author
David Weissman was born in New York and served in the US Army for 13 years, with two deployments to Afghanistan. He is now married with 3 daughters and is a free lance writer after making Aliyah to Israel.