Elizabeth Browder

I hate the world.

I am not one who subscribes to the theory that the Palestinians are a “made up people” who were invented in either 1948 or 1967. I am not one who subscribes to the theory that everything Israel does is wrong and Hamas/Fatah are always right and vice versa.

That is why I am saying this: THIS IS A WAR CRIME IN YARMOUK. NO ifs, ands, or buts. What ISIS is doing to the Palestinians (and Syrians and Iraqis) is a WAR CRIME. It is against all international law. It is against a bunch of moral laws also. SO, why is the world NOT banding together to draft a referral to the International Criminal Court. I cannot answer that. It boggles my mind that is somehow OK in the world’s eyes for ISIS to be slaughtering Syrians and Iraqi, destroy ancient cities, and basically do whatever they want. This is NOT ok..NOT to me. There is no way I will EVER be ok with what ISIS does. I just don’t have that in me.

I am praying daily for those people trapped in Yarmouk.

I really just hate the world right now.

About the Author
Elizabeth is a nurse by profession, and a parent of a dog who thinks she is human. She likes lots of things. She may write about them.