I have some Jew in me

I’m a landlord in Cleveland, Ohio. I once had a commercial tenant, a barber, who wanted to put photos of “fades” in her storefront window.  It was more than fades.  Tonsorial art — artistic designs cut into hair.

I let her.  She was a Puerto Rican Lesbian cage fighter.  She had a couple tattoos on her face, like Mike Tyson.  She said she was part Jewish.  Maybe she was looking for lower rent.

Odds are you’re not Jewish if you say, “I have some Jew in me.”

She rented for a couple years. She had a punching bag in the basement.

I’m leery of Jews in boxing.  The Star-of-David-on-the-trunks thing is so passe and so suspect.

I’d root for her, though.  She paid her rent on time.


About the Author
Bert Stratton is a musician and landlord in Cleveland, Ohio. He is an occasional contributor to the New York Times, Jerusalem Post, Cleveland Plain Dealer and City Journal. Byliner chose his essay "The Landlord's Tale" as one of the best magazine articles of 2012. He blogs at "Klezmer Guy: Real Music & Real Estate."