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I support the BDS movement

I support the BDS movement.

Yes I believe that it is time that we as Jews need to Boycott, Divest, and sanction those who want us dead.

For all Jews have done for this world. From the polio vaccine to the chips in the mobile phones that you are holding, it is time that we say ENOUGH.

We are a patient people. When I hear from my friends on the left that Arabs look at this conflict through the prism of time. Time is on their side they say... Jews are the ones who are patient. We waited thousands of years to have our prayer of “next year in Jerusalem” come true.

. We have lived through every unimaginable horror that the world has foisted on us from expulsion to holocaust and we are still here. Not only are we here we are thriving.

The World stood by and said nothing while one third of our family was murdered yet we are still here.

The Arab world attacked Israel 5 times directly and we are still here.

If the saying “what doesn't

kill you makes you stronger” then WE ARE ALL SUPERMEN. Oh by the way that was created by Jews.

At some point you say ENOUGH. TIME TO BOYCOTT THE BOYCOTTERS. Believe me they lose more than we do.

So here it is, my short, unfinished list of my BDSE choices Boycott Divestment, Sanctions against Enablers of hate, racism and anti-Semitism. BDSE for short.

Pink Floyd, True I loved your music when I was in college, what I remember of it that is. Roger, before you complain about the Wall in Israel, maybe you ought to pay those kids who sued you when you beat them out of payments for their participation in your “wall” video?  Just a thought. Did you really believe that a flying pig with Star of David’s and dollar signs is not anti-Semitic?

Dwight Howard:   who cares he sucks?

Turkey?  We liked Turkey before Erdogan came into power as President. Turkey was the hope of the world that Islam would moderate. Sorry but I will get my Turkish food now from Greek restaurants … Borek, Boregi,  Tomato, Tom Ah To , who cares, tastes the same anyway.  Sorry that is a sore spot with you now isn’t it?  Oh, how about Armenia? Before you start comparing Israelis defending their homes from missiles to Hitler you may want to revisit that little Armenia thing that you banned your country men from talking about. You know the over 1 million that Turkey murdered? I wouldn’t plan on too many Israelis or Jews vacationing in your resort areas any time either.

Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Party:  This is wishful thinking here folks since most Jews vote democratic. Perhaps we need to send most Jews to reeducation seminars. Please repeat to me, my fellow Jews.   These are not your Daddy’s Democrats, These are not your Daddy’s Democrats. Now back to Nancy Pelosi.  Hamas is a humanitarian organization? Are you kidding me?  It seems maybe that your plastic surgery went a little too far this time and has removed some of your brain material.

John Kerry:  This is for everybody.   I TOLD YOU SO.

President Obama:   I really, really told you so.

France:  I can get onion soup here. There are plenty of snotty, condescending, arrogant people here in the United States if I want to feel like I am in Paris so, no visits to you any longer. Freedom fries here I come.

The far left especially the Jewish far left. I used to think that you were all just naïve now I just think that you are stark raving, lunatic, bat sh**t mad.  You didn’t get the hint after having your Peace conference postponed due to missiles being fired at you.   How can any one of you who claims to be peaceful, humanitarians and smart (I don’t buy that propaganda any longer) support a group like Hamas, who uses its own people as human shields, and fires indiscriminate missiles at civilians?

CNN I don’t’ watch you anyway unless my channel changer is broken so boycotting you is not a problem. If I were to boycott you successfully it would probably cut your audience down in half.

MSNBC: Sorry I used to watch you just to see how crazy your hosts were. Now they are crazy but are also borrrrrrring so no big loss here.

Selena Gomez?   Banned in my house, you peaked anyway so you will join the fun group of peeps like Paris Hilton and others who were flashes in flashes in the pan. Bye Bye

Belgium:  Your doctors won’t treat Jewish patients?  Nobody cares about Belgium anyway so bye bye. Besides I don’t eat Belgium waffles too many calories.

John Stewart:  You are so vain you probably think this post is about you.

Rihanna, no loss to me.

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz:   Who? , ok I admit it I have watched them in the movies. I can now say that I am happy that Bardem got it from James Bond in the last film. Jews joined the BDS movement against Spain since 1492 when we were expelled. Hey Spain how has that been working for you?

Stephan Hawking, ok you are bright but no Einstein.

There are more that will have to be added but for now you are part of the growing list of the BDSE movement.

Your friend Larry



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Larry Levine is a writer, businessman and activist. Originally from Long Island, moved to Columbus Ohio I have been a stand up comedian, talk show host, and compose music. I am a "reformed conservadox" In other words I find beauty in all facets of Judaism . Passionate about politics, people, Israel and our great country.
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