Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

ICC and Raisi

The news about Raisi’s helicopter crash and the ICC prosecutor’s intention to request arrest warrants against Israeli leaders is happening at the same time.

Everything that happens in this world, happens by Divine providence. Perhaps we can find a connection between these two news events.

Raisi’s first name, Ebrahim, is presumably derived from Abraham, the first Jew.

Unfortunately, Raisi forgot what G-d told Abraham, that He will bless those who bless him, and those who curse Abraham, G-d will curse. (Genesis 12; 3)

And the ICC prosecutor forgot what Raisi forgot, that it doesn’t pay to curse G-d’s chosen nation.

And somehow the prosecutor of the ICC, in his haste to condemn Israelis for defending themselves against brutal murderers, forgot to ask for an arrest warrant against Raisi, who oversaw Iran’s attack against Israel with 350 projectiles (which were miraculously neutralized).

But everything happens by Divine providence. The prosecutor’s move has infuriated Israel and many Jews worldwide, and has strengthened their conviction in the justness of their cause, and strengthened their determination to destroy Hamas.

It’s interesting that the ICC’s name, the International Criminal Court, can have two meanings: That the court adjudicates criminal cases, or that the court itself is criminal.

Mr. Prosecutor, before you curse the Jewish people by promoting blood libels, it pays to remember what Ebrahim Raisi forgot. It’s not too late to declare that you erred in judgement. It’s not too late to acknowledge that Israelis are defending themselves while exerting tremendous efforts (more than any nation in wars of the past century and before that) to protect civilians.

Mr. Prosecutor, it’s not too late to realize, that by prosecuting Israel, you are prosecuting yourself.

Raisi should have blessed the Jewish people. And the ICC should learn from his mistake.

As the ICC prosecutes Israel, as the world condemns Israel, as antisemitism spreads its ugliness, Israel is not afraid of the world. Because “Some rely on their chariots, and some on their horses, but we call out to G-d’s Name.” (Psalm 20)

As we witness the many miracles that G-d is doing these days for His people, it pays to weigh the scales of justice very carefully.

As Israel fearlessly pursues its goal to eradicate evil, the world is learning what truth and justice is.

We are very close to Redemption with Moshiach, a time when the entire world will be cognizant of G-d’s presence. A time when the world will be filled with truth and justice and peace forever.

May it happen very soon.

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