Icing on the cake

‘Kerry won’t achieve much here, but it’s not his fault’                                  Times of Israel: January 31, 2014


So, American trepidation, complexity of issues and a lack of courageous leadership on both sides are the stumbling blocks preventing real progress in this matter. That’s more than enough to make anyone pessimistic about the outcome of current peace negotiations. And, as things stand, even such discussions presenting themselves at some future date would seem destined to fare no better.

On the face of it, only two options come to mind:

Either give up on any hope of resolution and be prepared for things to become even worse than they already are.

Or go back to the drawing board and start again from scratch, having absorbed sufficient data and vibes from the situation to formulate a plan that is palpably certain of success, not one subject to this constant and abject failure rate so reminiscent of previous attempts at remedy.


  1. All physical conflict has to be stopped in its entirety or, in more practical terms, brought under the control of a single operating system capable of guaranteeing the absolute minimum of violence. No matter what actions or reactions may still be deemed justified by minorities (or even majorities) in each of the opposing camps, this, above all else, must become mandatory.
  2. There has to be an understanding by everyone concerned that any new formulation is well equipped to do the job, eminently suited to the task and possessed of a precision and a speed no other can be expected to match.
  3. It even has to make some sort of sense out of what has transpired over the last seven decades. It has to be more than just a solution; it must represent a form of deliverance from an era of fear, hate and despair to one that can remove all these feelings or, at the very least, reduce them to very small stature.


Sometimes there can be only one way to tackle a problem that has endured for far too long and been the cause of so much anguish and suffering. And sometimes that one way is all that’s needed.

And, if it’s done right, then this confection comes with icing on the cake, a cake from which we can all take a very big slice.



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