Identification of the Jews with the goal of denigrating them as it was and is in numerous anti-Semitic communities – part 1 of 3

The reason for almost demonization of the Jews in numerous anti-Semitic communities is the deathly fear that the new criteria for Good and Evil, which came from the same source for everyone called The One God, may change the local criteria for good and evil which came from a multitude of local gods in the old heathen world.

In other words, it is a fear their tribal criteria for good and evil may be damaged by the more powerful criteria of the Jewish tribe.

Anti-Semitic critics of the Jews describe some instances of ugly behavior of Jewish individuals in violation of common Judeo-Christian definitions of Good and Evil, and that is true – the Jews as a people have immoral individuals as well. However those immoral individuals behave as heathens themselves and are not examples of Torah-based Good deeds.

Most Jewish individuals who called themselves atheists and don’t believe in existence of a Supreme Power above us the humans as the Creator of definition of Good and Evil perform nevertheless one may say genetic Torah-based Good deeds as well.

The logic of almost demonization develops in the following way in the heathen’s mind. “My god tells me the source of my well-being is the forceful, or even military seizure of the material goods of a neighboring tribe, and The One God is admonishing us, ‘don’t do it, they are your brothers!’ Only a devil can want me to deprive myself of the means of my well-being. Consequently, people spreading such ideas are allies of the devil and they must be treated as such.”

And people who subsequently stopped considering themselves heathen, but who continue to consider Jews almost devils essentially remain a sort of pseudo-heathens.

True heathens and pseudo-heathens created different anti-Semitic myths for justification of their demonization of Jews. An analysis of the basic anti-Semitic myths compared with the concepts of the Torah indicates that the positive work of the Jews for the improvement of our world is at the heart of the majority of anti-Semitic myths, but it is represented negatively and prejudicially by anti-Semites.

And the following examples bolster this statement.

Myth: The Jews killed the Son of God, Jesus Christ 

Actually, it wasn’t the son of God sentenced to death, but the Jewish rabbi Jehoshua who rose up against the established Judeo-Roman order recognized and supported by Palestine’s Jewish population during Roman domination. This Jewish rabbi’s teachings served as the basis of the new Christian religion, and he himself became known as Jesus Christ many years later when his followers began to convert to Judaism heathens at a significantly lower level of intellectual development.

In order to make Judaism understandable to the heathens, Judaism’s ideas had to be simplified and canonized, as a result of which the Jews ceased perceiving the altered Judaism as an offshoot of Judaism. And then something happened Rabbi Jehoshua could not foresee: he was converted from a Jewish rabbi and the spiritual leader of one of Judaism’s sects to the founder of Christianity and the Son of God for Christians.

Myth: The Jews murder Christian children and mix their blood into matzo

Such actions in the Torah are categorized as punishable spiritual transgressions; therefore, this myth must be rank savage fabrications. Of course, it is impossible to exclude such an event completely, but if such a thing had happened, it would have been an absolute violation of Jewish tradition for the “sanctity of human life,” and that pertains to any life – Jewish and non-Jewish, because all people are made in the image and likeness of God.

Myth: Jews have been robbing and corrupting other peoples with usury

Usury created a contemporary system of financing operations for society’s material and spiritual development, a system that made it possible for Man-the Creator, who was created in the image and likeness of God-the Creator, to create the Judeo-Christian civilization as one of the most important elements of the better world “according to God.”

Usury means borrowing money at interest. If such a financial system had not been created, people with ideas for the betterment of our world, but without funds for the implementation of these ideas (the implementation of almost all ideas required material support), would not have been able to implement them, and our world would not have achieved that stage of spiritual and material development it has achieved now. The world has advanced and thanks to the worldwide financial system created on the basis of “Jewish usury,” the world must be thankful to the Jews for it.

Jewish usury began in the following way in history.

The Jews were constantly ousted from their home by different pre-Christian (before our era) and Christian (during our era) governments. The Jews had no time for selling property, even if the Jews had owned any such property (and the Jews were forbidden to own land and businesses). Therefore, the only thing the Jews were able to take with them while escaping the pogroms, was money or its equivalent (precious stones). Having arrived at a new home, the Jews often had only one chance to make a living to support their families and community – loaning money at interest.

If the money loaned was used by non-Jews (Christians and others) for the creation or improvement of production, the region or country’s economy would be been improved, and everyone should be thankful to the Jews, whose money improved the economy. But noblemen very often borrowed the money to support their standard of living – not for production. The money loaned did not yield new profits. Therefore, there was nothing paid back, and it did not befit them to acknowledge their inability or unwillingness to be productive. Hence the desire to accuse someone, in this case the Jews, of “robbing” the common people.

Myth: The Jews did not want to perform manual labor and agriculture

The Jewish community of the times of the First and Second temples, the modern state of Israel and the Torah itself refute this myth; Jews were not involved in it only when conditions were being created for them hindering such occupations (it was forbidden for Jews to work in many manual labor professions in today’s enlightened Europe and Russia for many centuries.) Being able to do everything in Israel, including manual labor, the Jews have refuted this myth. And both farming and the pharmaceutical industry, and high technology factories that have attained technological achievements unprecedented in the world are evidence of it in Israel.

Myth: The Jews have bamboozled common Christian people with their anti-Christian spirituality

Not bamboozled, but drawn others into spiritual discussions in order to demonstrate that other ways exist for organizing society that can lead to better spiritual and material well-being for people. During such discussions, Jewish activists have wanted to demonstrate that social organization based on the Torah is closest of all to God’s ideas, and are one and the same for Jews and Christians. They often did not understand the Jews, and that created animosity, but Jewish activists continued such work, because they considered it a mission from God.

Myth: Jews always isolated themselves from the other peoples where they lived

They did not isolate themselves, but the others isolated them; but if resistance to assimilation is understood as isolation, then that’s the way it should be according to the Torah, and that is good for everyone.

As is well known, in many countries of the world they really isolated the Jews, placing different anti-Semitic limitations on them such as limitations for university admissions, for specified types of economic activity, for homes, for inclusion in governmental and political activity and so on. These limitations were intended for deterring the Jews’ influence on the social and public life of those countries where they lived.

But to the great disappointment of the anti-Semites, these limitations were counterproductive: in order to achieve anything in countries with anti-Semitic limitations, the Jews had to be more ingenious, more enterprising, better educated – and all that allowed them to find ways out of hopeless situations where the anti-Semitic limitations had driven them. Paradoxically, anti-Semitic limitations strengthened the capability of the Jews to be victorious in the competitive struggle, and their numerous victories are well known – both in science and in technology and in economy and in art, and in philosophy, etc.

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Vladimir Minkov graduated from the Naval Engineering Academy in the former Soviet Union, served in the Soviet Navy and there received his Ph.D. At the end of 1970s he immigrated to America where democracy and the Judeo-Christian spirituality of this country made it possible for him to actively defend both his scientific and spiritual ideas. In the USA he has found the place for his scientific public work in the spiritual realm of One God and Torah.
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