Identification of the Jews with the goal of denigrating them as it was and is in numerous anti-Semitic communities – part 3 of 3

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Speaking of the myths underlying anti-Semitism, one must not forget too about the simpler reasons for the hatred of one group of people by other groups. Many simply do not like strangers, Jews included, who are within eyeshot. Conditions are not only negative where people have no contact with each other. Sometimes envy too does the dirty deed. Jews frequently, thanks to a better education and a greater desire for learning, have a better job, construct their lives more efficiently and spare no money for the education of their children and the improvement of living conditions and the like, and this too causes envy.

Constant attempts to conceal or deprecate the influence of Jewish intellectuals and politicians on the achievement of their countries in the social and economic areas are part of anti-Semitic strategy. 

Some intellectuals who do not like the influence of the Jews on their countries’ society (it may be anti-Semites and not be anti-Semites) declare that the so-called Jewish lobby forces the American government (and the governments of other countries) to do what is of benefit to Jews and not beneficial for the “native” residents of these countries. This Jewish lobby, these same intellectuals maintain, is responsible for the many hardships of these countries. But in reality there is no single Jewish organization playing the role of the so-called Jewish lobby. Many Jewish organizations exist who work together with Gentile organizations and government agencies for advancing those ideas included in the realm of their common interests. In essence, all these organizations, which one can notionally call the Jewish lobby, help the “native” population of the United States and other countries understand that compliance with Judeo-Christian morality is “advantageous” to the same degree for Jews and Gentiles.

Constant attempts to evoke suspicion for the actions of Jewish intellectuals and politicians, accusing them of disloyalty to the countries where they reside are included in the arsenal of anti-Semitic actions. 

The so-called dual loyalty of citizens of Jewish ethnicity is discussed often – that is to say, they are loyal not only to the country where they live, but also to another country. Either the state of Israel or the Jewish people is understood as the other country. It is true, but such dual loyalty is not supposed to be looked upon from a negative point of view. All people have many “loyalties” besides the country in which they live – to their family, to their friends, to their religion, to the place where they were born, and so on. And when these loyalties conflict with loyalty to the country of residence, people attempt to have an influence on both sides in order to bring their positions together. And that has been a normal aspect of life since mankind’s very beginning.

One of the reasons for anti-Semitism about which they are afraid to speak openly was fear of economic competition.

There were real grounds for it. Actually, the Jews always have been distinguished by a much greater level of social and religious education which imparted to them definite advantages in understanding man’s nature, and that is one of the essential elements in the creation of goods possessing more attractive qualities that assure victory in a level playing field. And Gentile competitors, the goods of whom were less attractive for the consumer, tried to increase their chances at winning on that field, foisting negative characteristics on the Jewish goods not linked to the goods themselves, but linked to the nature of the manufacturer of the goods, who is the Jew. Thus, frequently the exaggeration of anti-Semitism was advantageous for winning on this economic playing field.

There are many different interpretations for the nature of anti-Semitism – racial, religious, economic, class and so forth. While not refuting the influence of all these elements in the creation of anti-Semitism, the author believes that the main one is the reaction to the actions of Jews in the fulfillment of the plan for the spiritual and material creation, as it was prescribed by God in the collective understanding of the Jews and set forth in the concept of chosenness.  

Stopping anti-Semitism may signify stopping the work of Jews on the fulfillment of God’s plan. Actually, the Jewish people are the subject most often of negative, though sometimes positive, attention from the rest of the world’s nations because of their unique role in the continuation of the creative process begun by God which has made the Jews the chosen people. Jewish people, even those who consider themselves non-believers, fulfill their debt for assisting God in the transmission of His “instructions” to all the other peoples – it is not a personal desire, it is an obligation.

The main thing is the majority of the intellectual elite and elected governments of the Western world’s democratic states understand correctly the nature of anti-Semitism and constantly oppose it.

An example of it can be the international Conference on the United Nation’s Demonization of Israel held in New York in November 2007. Israel’s demonization is understood as a tradition begun by the U.N. for the constant censure of not so much concrete political actions of Israel’s government as for the censure of Zionism which is equated to the whole spirituality of the Jewish people, simply for its existence. The existence of the Jewish people themselves is thereby demonized.

Anti-Semites accuse the Jews of a great deal, but the chief accusation consists of the Jews ruling the world through some kind of universal supreme secret government which controls (by means of financial and other machinations) national governments of the states of the Judeo-Christian civilization. And when it comes down to it, they are right.

Actually, a universal supreme Jewish government exists, but it is not secret – all literate people are acquainted with it. It is a government of ideas for the creation and improvement of our world, the principles of which are specified in Judaism, and the practical steps for fulfillment are in millions of published (and unpublished) works on the creation of modern systems controlling all areas of human activity. And one can only rejoice in it.

Thus, it is necessary to rid oneself of the syndrome of blame for the fact that they do not love us, the Jews. Although we don’t always do well, and although there are bad people among us, as it is with all peoples, the roots of anti-Semitism are not in us, but in them, the anti-Semites. And understanding this is an important element of Jewish intellectual identification.


About the Author
Vladimir Minkov graduated from the Naval Engineering Academy in the former Soviet Union, served in the Soviet Navy and there received his Ph.D. At the end of 1970s he immigrated to America where democracy and the Judeo-Christian spirituality of this country made it possible for him to actively defend both his scientific and spiritual ideas. In the USA he has found the place for his scientific public work in the spiritual realm of One God and Torah.
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