Marc Goldberg

IDF needs to go all the way

Look it’s already gotten to the point where we’re going to get attacked at the UN for Palestinian casualties. It’s already gotten to the point where there’s going to be some new kind of Goldstone report when this is all over. It’s already gotten to the point where people are demonstrating against Israel all over the world and it’s already gotten to the point where civilians are being killed in the crossfire.

Holding back now will just ensure that the IDF does a less effective job in Gaza. Thereby ensuring a return to this same situation in a very short space of time. The operation is already happening, it’s on and now that it is the IDF needs to go all of the way without worrying anymore about the damage and the casualties we’re going to cause and also that we’re going to take. In the long run if we hold back now we’ll end up going back in again in 6 months and causing even more damage and killing even more civilians. Better to do as much as we can now and not have to go back in, than doing half the job now and having to return.

The army is in there to do a job and that job must be done. The Hamas missile stockpile needs to be removed and the tunnels leading into Israel (and preferably the whole underground infrastructure) need to be destroyed. This is an operation without long term objectives. Hamas will reequip in the months and years following the operation, they will rebuild their tunnels. To give Israel as much quiet time as possible we need to destroy as much as possible now.

At the moment Hamas isn’t interested in a truce with Israel. Clearly they still have hope that during this operation they’ll be able to kidnap a soldier and inflict more casualties on the IDF. Not to mention use the number of dead civilians as a propaganda weapon against Israel (though it’s too late to stop that now). The moment Hamas runs out of options to attack the IDF then they’ll sue for peace. Meaning that as long as they have a tunnel we haven’t found yet. As long as they have rockets they can still fire they will refuse any truce.

This is why the army has no choice now but to go all of the way.

About the Author
Marc Goldberg is the author of Beyond the Green Line, a story his service in the IDF fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada