If they love their murderers so

Has the world had peace with Germany since the end of WWII?

When we finished WWII and the Germans were defeated did they remain proud of their Nazi “achievements”?

Did they hold true to their Nazi ideology, teach it to their children and harbour dreams of it one day rising to conquer the world?

Were Nazi camp guards who pushed Jews onto trains and into ovens held up in society as heroes?

Hebrew - die stop square

Have Germans continued to teach their kids that one day Germany will be reunited and reclaim its sovereignty over the Sudetenland? Will all the descendants of the 500,000 Germans who were expelled from the Sudetenland by the Beneš decrees (many who had lived there for generations) expect to return to their “homes”?

So why on earth do we think we can make peace with people who hail as returning heroes the most vile murderers of children, the elderly and even of other Arabs?

We will now release a man who succeeded in murdering a Jew long after Germans had been ashamed of the Nazis who tried to murder that same Jew. And he will be welcomed to the bosom of Palestinian society as a conquering hero.

Their culture will praise him and his fellow murderers of children and the unarmed.

Why do we think people who daily teach their children to hate, and that it is their religiously mandated birth rite to force Jews from all of Israel can make peace with us?

Why do we prostitute our morals and our principles to appease a body of world opinion that is just looking for the next excuse to look the other way while Jews are slaughtered again?

No. Enough. As we say in Hebrew: די.

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