David Weissman

If You’re An Undecided Voter Because of the Conflict in the Middle East, Please Read This Blog

2024 will come down to President Biden and Trump. I know for many people, the situation regarding Israel and Gaza gives them uncertainty about who will lead us after the next election cycle.

If you are on the pro-Israel side, you wonder if President Biden is doing enough for the safety of the Israeli people and hope that he will not cave to the far left and ask for a cease-fire, especially when we know Hamas will still attack Israeli civilians.

If you are on the pro-Palestinian side, you want President Biden to do more for the Palestinian civilians, call for a cease-fire, and maybe even put stipulations on Military aid.

Undecided voters, regardless of how many of you may feel about President Biden handling the Middle East conflict, we must also consider what happens at home.

As Americans, our Democracy is the most precious thing we have in our country. It’s what gives us the freedoms that we enjoy today. No matter what side you are on the conflict, as long as Trump is the front-runner of the Republican Party, Democracy will always be on the ballot.

For the Muslim community and Palestinian supporters, if Trump gets reelected into office, he will reinstate the Muslim ban. Don’t forget what happened to peaceful protesters in DC under Trump. The protesters were abducted and tear-gassed while peacefully protesting in front of the White House in 2020. You can use your First Amendment right to protest under President Biden peacefully. President Biden may not be perfect, but he tries his best to lead with empathy and understanding, and he’s way better than the other two-time impeached and indicted loser.

Fellow Jews and pro-Israeli activists, I think President Biden is doing the best he can as an American President. He is staying neutral as any President should; he is giving Israel free rein to destroy Hamas. I know we all care about all civilian life, so we should support and applaud President Biden for wanting Israel to do what it can to protect Palestinian civilians while sticking with its objective. We can never forget Trump’s remarks in Charlottesville when they said there were good people on both sides, and no matter how you dissect his speech, there are no good Nazis. We can’t ignore Trump’s antisemitic remarks when he questions American Jews and our loyalty to the United States. Not only did he have the audacity to question our loyalty, but he also threatened us regarding Israeli safety if we did not vote for him.

Conservative judges already overran SCOTUS because of Trump’s first term in 2016; women’s abortion rights have already been taken away federally and returned to the states; that’s why states have banned abortion. Look at what happened to the woman who wanted an abortion in Texas. It’s a situation that Conservatives should have accepted, and yet they didn’t, given the fact that she had to travel outside of the state to get an abortion for her safety and to have the ability to have more kids. How many more rights will be ripped away from women if Trump is reelected?

The Middle East conflict is so personal to many of us actively involved in politics, but we can’t let the lack of nuance affect our judgment in the 2024 Presidential election. If you need to take time off social media or your activism in real life to clear your head, please do so. Taking time off from social media is what I have done during Hanukkah, which was what I needed for clarity.

There is so much at stake in 2024: our freedoms, our rights, our Constitution, our Democracy. Trump made it clear that he would have retribution by going after the ones who held him accountable for his crimes; Trump also made it clear that he would be a dictator on day one if he got voted into office. We must take him seriously; when people show you who they are, believe them. Trump has shown us just that, and our country can not survive another Trump Presidency.

About the Author
David Weissman was born in New York and served in the US Army for 13 years, with two deployments to Afghanistan. He is a former Republican and left MAGA and ended his support for Trump. He joined the Democratic party now fighting for the rights of others.