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I’m not Charlie, I’m not Jewish, I’m Ana.

Being a non-Jewish defender of the Israel State is by far one of the hardest positions I’ve ever decided to hold, but also the wisest one.

I teach (online) Spanish to people from abroad, in exchange of improving my rusty English and French, and to dignify my very basic Hebrew. Normally I talk to people from Europe and UK, so on average, 3 out of 5 guys I’ve met are Muslims. 2 out of those 3 have judged me for defending Israel. The last one respects my position, but doesn’t share my point of view – that’s quite acceptable.

I was sitting next to my grandma when we heard on the news about the Charlie Hebdo magazine massacre on northern France’s Picardy region, it’s so sad to admit I’m not 100% surprised. I’m a Christian, I defend my God, I praise Him. I was not sent to this world to commit murders and to cause pain to others in His name. I was send here to be happy and to give happiness as much as possible. Which is something that wasn’t taught to our dear Radical Muslim guys.

According to The Economist, the French capital of Paris and its metropolitan area has the largest number of Muslims (up to 1.7 million). Given the current rate of migration of Muslims to Europe and the Muslim fertility rate, by 2030, people of Muslim faith or origin are predicted to form about 10% of the French population. (read here)

After the attack to the Charlie Hebdo magazine, there was a new one at a Kosher supermarket. Innocent people, doing groceries in a normal day, being attacked just because of the fact they are Jewish people living in a country crowded with good Muslims and sadly, radical ones as well.

In the distance I mourn the French people whose lives were a sacrifice to liberty and dignity. I mourn the French Jews who died in that Kosher supermarket, because they were murdered given their religious situation. This gives us something to think about, is there anywhere in the world where Jews can be safe and not in constant risk of attacks and discrimination?

I’m not Charlie, because I was not an often reader of the Charlie Hebdo magazine, I’m not Jewish, I belong to a different religion, but I’m Ana, and I ask myself, and therefore to anyone reading me:

Is this the world we are going to bring kids to? Is this the world WE want to live in? Where we have “freedom” of speech, but then some lunatics come and murder people because they have “offended” their religion?

Anonymous, please, go and shut down all social media networks and websites associated with terrorist groups connected to Islamic extremist.

French Jews, whether you decide to stay or move to Israel, you are still a brave person because daily you stand up and express proudly: I’m a Jew.

South America: Learn from Europe, we can accept Muslims in our countries, but can we afford the consequences of the Islamic extremist ones?

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Ana is a curious girl that ended up spending a year in Israel pursuing a master in Tel Aviv and constantly getting lost in the Old City. She is back in her little corner of South America writing about her random thoughts on unusual topics.
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