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Immigration. ‘Woke,’ Liberal Dems Say Okay, But ‘Not in My Neighborhood’

The hypocrisy of woke, ivory tower, liberal Dems (“WITLDs”) knows no bounds. I have discussed several examples of this hypocrisy in my blogs over the last few years, and I see no need to waste your time and mine by regurgitating the myriad examples at this time. However, the latest example involving illegal aliens, or if you prefer, undocumented migrants, ranks right up there with the best (or worst) of them.

In the last several days the WITLDs have shown their true colors regarding this issue. Their hypocrisy has been laid bare for all to see. Witness the excessive and extreme objections of the politicians and citizens of NYC, LA, Chicago, Washington, DC and the topper, the icing on the cake, Martha’s Vineyard as overwhelmed states such as FL, TX and AZ have begun to bus small numbers of migrants to the foregoing locales. More on this below.

The WITLDs of these liberal bastions have long been loud and unrelenting advocates for the migrants. In my view, they care about them than about everyday American citizens. They have been preaching to the rest of us that massive, unfettered immigration was a key element of social justice, and anyone who raised any objection was a “racist.” Many of the cities they control have declared themselves to be “sanctuary cities.” They have continually bragged about their largesse, their generosity, their willingness to welcome anyone who wants to emigrate to the US, and their moral superiority over the rest of us. But, now, they have been “hoisted on their own petard.” Now, when faced with the reality of migrants seeking to live in their city they have changed their tune. Their new mantra is “not in my neighborhood.” They still support unrestricted immigration, but “not in my neighborhood.” They lecture the rest of us that to deny acceptance of migrants is racist, but don’t put them in “my neighborhood.” They support free housing, medical care, and a host of other services, but “not in my neighborhood.” Their attitude is “okay for thee, but not for me.” I absolutely love the irony!

From the beginning the Biden administration has maintained an open border policy. No one knows how many migrants have entered the country since Biden took office. We don’t know where they came from, where they settled, and what their motives are. Was it political asylum as many have claimed or some nefarious activity such as terrorism, drug smuggling, or human trafficking? In many cases, we don’t even know their identities. The NY Post has estimated the number to be upwards of four million, but that is only a guess. Furthermore, it only counts the ones we know about, not the ones who have snuck in. This open border policy has directly caused the deaths of many migrants through accidental drowning in the Rio Grande and violence by the “coyotes.” Even worse, according to the CDC, since 1999 drugs, a goodly amount of which have been smuggled over the non-existent southern border, have been directly responsible for the deaths of nearly one million Americans, many of them mere children. Biden’s immigration policy is literally killing us!

Not only has the Biden administration encouraged and permitted everyone to immigrate, it has ignored the financial, economic, social and security crises that such policy has caused and perpetuated. Indeed, to this very day, it has denied even the existence of a crisis much less implemented a policy to resolve it. Additionally, for months, it has authorized the surreptitious shipment of tens of thousands of migrants all over the country in the dead of night without notice. (At first, they denied this, but video evidence has surfaced.) There has been no notice to or coordination with local officials. The migrants have just shown up. Of course, most of these destinations are small cities, such as White Plains, NY, that lack the infrastructure to care for them. In my opinion, this policy constitutes “human trafficking.”

Various Dem politicians, mayors and city officials of NYC, LA, Chicago and Washington D.C., among others, and WITLDs in the media, who have long championed unfettered immigration, as long as the migrants were settled somewhere else, are complaining strenuously about a few busloads of migrants. For example, as reported in the NY Post, Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot promptly dispatched a busload from Chicago to the suburbs. DC mayor Muriel Bowser grossly overreacted. She complained that DC was not a “border town,” declared a state of emergency, and called out the National Guard. Hillary Clinton, who can always be relied upon for a partisan and inane quote, characterized the bus shipments as “human trafficking” and accused Governor DeSantis of the same. Hillary, how about the aforementioned Biden Administration’s surreptitious night flights over the last several several months? They’re not human trafficking? Please!

Then, there’s the WITLD bastion of Martha’s Vineyard whose officials and residents went ballistic over a mere 50 migrants. Well boo-hoo! How about the tiny border town of Del Rio, TX, population of 36,000, which according to Google has been inundated by approximately 1,100 migrants every day, day after day, for several months?


Critics have derisively labeled these small shipments as a “stunt” and a “political ploy.” Of course, it was. It was the only way to get Dems engaged and to get the national media to cover the crisis after nearly two years, and it is working.

I say, kudos to Governors Abbott and DeSantis for bringing this issue out in the open. Biden may not want to take any action to reverse the disastrous open border policy, but at least it is now out of the shadows. Finally, predictably, some Dem politicians, mostly those who are running for re-election in 2022 spurred by their own self-interest, have begun to speak out. (Remember my mantra: politicians are only good at two things – getting elected and getting re-elected.)

I expect this will be a major issue in November. The Dems will absolutely “own” it. Perhaps, it will be instrumental in throwing out some of the “do-nothing Dems.”

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