Impeachment and chaos

There is a very simple axiom: power gives authority and control; you cannot have control without authority or power. In the end, the reality will be borne out.

No doubt America is the only power, true power, in the world today. No matter how tired she may feel America is the superpower. It is the major trader in the world, and as such it has many responsibilities. It cannot simply trade with the rest of the world, profit and walk away pretending it has no responsibilities. The last seven years America has avoided taking the responsibility of being the world power that she is. Not only is America ceased to be an example to others, but America has also allowed others to be an example to her.

There has been a Palestinisation and Israelification policies. The Palestinians in their over 70 years of existence have managed to do nothing but polarize themselves, ceaselessly to blame others for their shortcomings. Their reality is a first in many cases. It is a nation verbally supported by so many. Palestine is without any clear, genuine support. Most if not every nation has an internecine struggle between factions-often leading to civil war after its birth. The Palestinians are the first nation to have had this Civil War as a nascent state. Providing the world with exploding buses, suicide bombers and premature civil wars are the only claims to originality and individuality the Palestinians can make. Whinge, factionalise, blame others and solve nothing is their trademark and hallmark. The American legislative apparatus has adopted the Palestinian means of functioning and made it their own.

It is inevitable that superpowers interfere in client state’s affairs. It has invariably been and unfailingly will be the way of the world. However, Bibi Netanyahu decided the sauce for the goose is very much sauce for the gander. I cannot imagine any client state having the audacity to go to the Coliseum and lecture the Emperor of Rome. Netanyahu decided that he could fully disrespect the modern emperor of Rome. He did so, and in doing so, he belittled the very person who we need to be strong and all-powerful. Everybody saw the Israelification then copied by far too many.

Subsequently, Iran became emboldened and made ridiculous and, unfortunately, realised demands. The Egyptians and the Saudis decided they could no longer trust or depend on America, and they turned to the Russians. Many would claim that Netanyahu’s acts were justified because America is weak. They were not justified. They had no long-term or short-term benefit, and they did weaken America even further.
America should not strive to be liked and loved. America should be either feared or admired. Putin is neither liked nor loved. He is admired or feared; as such he is highly effective. Obama is neither feared nor admired, and as such he is now neither liked nor loved, and he is completely ineffective. America will elect a new president of America in a frighteningly bizarre campaign. We are facing the most unappetising prospect of either successful candidate for the presidency very probably facing impeachment within the first months of rule. The very much needed strong America is heading towards paralysis.

America cannot forego the fact she is the leader of the free world. She is the major trading power in the world, with that comes the responsibility of establishing a world order or, at least, preventing the entropy we have seen over the previous seven years. The world cannot handle another seven years of arrogant, informed neglect. There can be little doubt, Putin and the Iranians have overstretched; they cannot pay the price of their aggrandisements. History has shown that when nations expand and cannot pay the price, they go to war.

Only America can stop this war; only America has the power and authority to do so. We all need a strong America, and undivided America, a focused America, and America, which is unafraid to pick up the mantle which is naturally hers. America must stop this inevitable slide into complete chaos and choose a president unencumbered by his past; a president with the gumption to lead the world. Otherwise, we are all destined to an abominable future.

About the Author
Born in Leeds in 1944, Michael Benjamin is a retired Psychiatrist and medical auditor, co-founder of Oranit, aspiring author and inveterate cynic.
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