Impeachment attempt will increase US division

This second attempt by the Democrats to impeach the president, days before he will step down from office, is designed to further tarnish his image and destroy his legacy. Nancy Pelosi and company, wish to portray Donald Trump as an “exception” and “historical accident” in American history.

But in reality, the Democrats now have control of both Houses and the White House, and need to stop playing “petty politics” and instead focus on programs and policies that are urgently needed, to cope with the health and economic crisis.

The Democrats have absolutely no chance of getting an impeachment through the Senate by 20 January, and so this move will simply increase the polarized divisions within American society.

Donald Trump leaves behind a huge legacy with major achievements on both the foreign and domestic fronts. When he took office in 2016, he arguably prevented war with North Korea by giving its leader, Kim Jong-un, a world platform.

Trump stood up to China and slapped huge tariffs on their imported goods, which is how American factories re-opened and large numbers from the black and Hispanic communities were back at work, manufacturing American goods.

The president rightly told NATO that they had to pay their fair share of the huge defense budget, and they did. He stood up to the EU, Iran and the Palestinians, cancelling the UNRWA funding in Gaza and shutting down the PLO office in Washington DC, for paying terrorists to kill Israelis.

Trump’s legacy includes the American Embassy, recognition of the Golan and the main Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

The normalization of ties between Israel and UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco, Bhutan, Kosovo and Oman, would never have happened without Donald Trump. Today, significant trade and business takes place between Israel and the Gulf States.

But when the dust settled after last week’s violence, which left five people dead, including a police officer, I wrote elsewhere that this was perpetrated by a group of radical thugs, totally opposed to the rule of law and order, and it is to be condemned in the highest form. We now know that some of those arrested were NOT Trump supporters. But the vast majority were, and some came from far-right Neo Nazi groups.

At the rally, Trump, said, “We’re gonna walk down to the Capital and we’re going to cheer on, our brave Senators and Congress-Men and Woman, and we’re probably not going to be cheering for some of them, because you’re never take back our country with weakness, you have to show strength and you have to be strong”.

This in my view, added “fuel to the fire,” to a bunch of thugs who don’t know their right from their left, and they were under the impression, “the election has been stolen from us”.

Even worse, one of the most secure buildings in the United States is penetrated so easily by a mob, demanding, “Stop the Steal.” They broke into the chamber, whilst elected Congress members and employees crouched under desks, hiding in fear for their lives.

Having said this, I will NOT be bullied in condemning the Trump legacy. You can disagree with his brash style and approach and you can criticise him for “pushing a button” last week, just to see what would happen. But overall, Trump got things done and more than 74 million people voted for him.

Donald Trump pulled off some of the most remarkable things, and we must never forget that. For this I say, thank you Mr President.

Many elected Democrats appeared on CNN and MSNBC last year and called for large scale demonstrations, including spotting Cabinet Members in restaurants or stores, create a crowd and show them they are not welcome. Vice President Elect, Kamala Harris called for “Unrest on the streets”, while Nancy Pelosi called Trump supporters “Enemies of the State.”

A Missouri State Senator said, “I hope Donald Trump is assassinated,” while a news commentator said “They are going to have to put a bullet in Donald Trump and that’s a fact”.

A celebrity holds a “bloody” head of Donald Trump, while Madonna opined at a rally, “I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” CNN anchor-man Chris Cuomo said, “Show me where it says protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful”.

In response the anti-Donald Trump camp and much of the media say to me, “Don’t you dare bring up Antifa”. But what about the Court House in Portland that was bombed nightly for a month – how was that allowed to happen?

This is America we are talking about, not some small African nation.

If there is no respect or tolerance to exercise a democratic right to vote for whoever you choose, without fear of intimidation or violence, then it’s anarchy. They say, “You CAN vote, but if I disagree with your choice, you are an extremist”.

There must be one set of principles for both sides. But in this polarised society, the media and many voters become so entrenched, they fail to see what is happening to their democracy. Have we learnt nothing from history?

President Elect Joe Biden insisted, “This is a time of reconciliation and coming together”. So Democrats, stop the crazy impeachment process and leave the Republican Party to sort out their own issues. Begin the healing process and move on.

The stage is set for Joe Biden to take over the White House and we must all come together and be ready for the next chapter in American politics.

About the Author
James J. Marlow is a broadcast journalist and public relations media consultant. He has previously worked for ITN, EuroNews, Reuters, Daily Mail, Daily Express, LBC Radio, Sky News and GB News. In addition he has trained and prepared hundreds of business and entertainment people, politicians and Rabbis, for the media, including television, radio and audiences.
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