Impeachment Is Not A Popularity Contest

It’s has been amazing to see that the Republicans are not taking impeachment seriously. When I was a Republican, I remember how they talked about the Constitution like it was their second Bible. It is disappointing that Republicans are making this impeachment inquiry partisan when it shouldn’t be.

I’ve highlighted sections in this article of the law that Trump violated and the transcripts of the phone call asking Ukrainian leadership information of Joe Biden’s son.  It is embarrassing that Trump, Republicans, and his pundits are focusing on the ratings, or polls about impeachment. I would like to state for the record that impeachment is not meant to be popular. Impeachment is not meant to unite our country. It’s there because we have a president who has violated his oath of office by abusing his power for personal gain and the law.

We need to constantly remind people that the United States is not only a Constitutional Republic, it’s also a Democracy and we can’t afford to allow a President to be above the law. That will destroy the sacrifices of the fallen and the brave men and women of our country who fought to keep our country free. If Trump gets away with these violations, it will stand as precedent for more Presidents to get away with violating our laws. We must hold him accountable to protect our freedoms. Polls and ratings are irrelevant, our Democracy is not and it’s on life support.

About the Author
David Weissman was born in New York and served in the US Army for 13 years, with two deployments to Afghanistan. He is a former Republican and left MAGA and ended his support for Trump. He joined the Democratic party now fighting for the rights of others.