Michel M.J. Shore

In Chaos to Strive for Inner Peace

In Chaos to Strive for Inner Peace

In chaos to strive for inner peace,

How, where, when to strengthen our future life-lease?

Within our profound essence to cease

To provide the outer turmoil, our keys.


Rather to open the Gates of Eden

Within our souls’ reach, and never hidden.

There, all the secrets of life are given

To bring all children to a past, ridden


Of horror, grief, pain and images smitten;

To enter the present in a future, bidden,

Where spring, hope and never an end, await

For millennia, our arrival, late.


Wherein dreams, wishes, hopes and aspirations,

Fulfil long-sought prayers for all relations.

About the Author
Michel M.J. Shore is a retired judge of the Federal Court of Canada and recently made a home in Israel. He is the writer of several published books and poetry collections.
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