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Just imagine sitting back in your easy chair, maybe not watching one of our favorite American sports team, but instead think of yourself as Vladimir Putin, the president for life and dictator of Russia. Now, you have this pesky problem called the Ukraine. Ukraine really should be part of Russia. The problem with the Ukraine is that it is leaning towards the West, even talking about becoming part of NATO. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, started after World War II, has been an effective deterrent against expansionist regimes like yours in Russia. Kicking out the current Ukrainian government and installing one that will be friendly to your Russia, is a matter of national priority, safety and pride.

You know, especially as a former head of the KGB, that is may be a little bit messy, but you could crush Ukraine pretty quickly. There are not too many military establishments in the world with the men and power of Russia. When Nazi Germany was defeated in World War II, Russia entered Berlin with almost double the number of divisions as England, France and the United States combined.

If you are going to pick a time to change the political direction of the Ukraine by invasion, what better time than with Joe Biden as president of the United States? After all, nobody else is going to stand in your way except the United States. Now, you know as a matter of fact that Americans do not want to go to war anyway, especially after the mess of Afghanistan. Of course, Russia did not do any better there, but neither did any other foreign power. However, Afghanistan is much closer to Russia’s doorstep than it was to that of the United States.

In assessing how the United States would react to a Russian invasion in the Ukraine, consider what you think of the current president of the United States. He certainly appears weak, frail and beholden to his leftwing party. He has no taste for war, no nerve to stand in Russia’s way and he will not arm the Ukraine in any significant manner.

Other than talking tough, there is not much any US president could do. Vladimir Putin, you know that. However, other US presidents might be less predictable, more willing to commit at least United States material to the Ukraine, and might be able to organize a more effective economic blockade of Russia. After all, if the old Czarist kingdom cannot sell gas, oil and other natural resources, they would be on debt’s doorstep very quickly. Ronald Regan understood that, and helped to bring the old Soviet Union to its knees.

You know, as Vladimir Putin, that the United States has spent so much money of late, that it is inviting inflation, dislocation and a reluctant workforce. Americans, very quickly, have become used to free money. You know as a former Communist functionary how quickly free spending government fails in its mission to organize or manage an efficient economy. The United States cannot afford any more debt, whether it is to arm Ukraine, or to help its Europe allies avoid dependency on Russian energy.

Heck, this is as good a time as any to invade the Ukraine, get rid of that independent government and bring the Ukrainians within the orbit of Mother Russia.

If that is not enough musing for you, consider you are Xi Jinping, the dictatorial head of China. China is run more like a big corporation, with its various communist committees and subcommittees, than a nation. China is hell bound and determined to become the largest, most influential military power in the world, at least in the Asian Pacific. You know as Chairman Jinping that you are outpacing the United States with military developments in hypersonic technology. Your nation even has the power to remove satellites from orbit. At its current pace, China will be on the moon and Mars, long before the United States is able to exercise any dominion in those far off worlds.

More importantly, you know that Americans realize that China is the creditor to the United States. Without your country, the Great People’s Republic of China, buying the enormous US debt, interest rates in the United States would soar so high that the stodgy, rusty old Western Democracy would resemble a Central American Banana Republic. The sun has set on the United States of America, or so your cohorts and economic advisers believe. Is that really true? Well, there is only one way to find out.

Taiwan lies just off your country’s coast. It is an annoying gnat. It is a little bit like that deer tick that gets stuck in your flesh when you take a walk in the woods during the summer. Taiwan is Chinese, just like Singapore is. Those nettlesome Taiwanese have managed to become extremely successful utilizing a Chinese work ethic and an American economy. This is a perfect time to seize Taiwan and get rid of the headlice. After all, what is the United States going to do to stop China from taking over Taiwan? The great aroused Chinese Communist bear, is no panda. Angry, successful and ambitious, the People’s Republic of China has the desire to run the world within its hemisphere. Getting rid of Taiwan sends a powerful message not to mess with China.

Consider who will stop you. That nice, cordial and ineffective gentleman, Joe Biden? He may want a socialist style Republic, but he is no power in his party or his country. He has to deal with Republicans and others who do not want another land war in Asia. Vietnam is more than a bitter memory; it is engrained in the American mindset.

Taiwan, you think as Jinping, is there for the taking. It is like a low hanging fruit on the apple tree. It is almost too tempting to do nothing.

In addition, Americans do not have the money to spend defending Taiwan, and are not willing to commit the necessary blood to do it either.

What does the United States do about world threats? The answer for America is an answer that has not changed during the entirety of our history. Self-reliance, economic success, and a world vision based upon a combination of capitalism and a reasonable safety net, has always been our salvation. We are now led by confused leadership, a remarkably destructive internal political system, and an unwillingness to lead. Our young men and women seem to be more interested in street fights, murder in the big cities and road rage than they are about the future of the nation or the viability of the great American dream.

All is not lost, of course. There are many people with talent throughout the American political system. It is simply the job of the voter to find those people and place them into office before America’s time runs out.

Well, it is time to get off that easy chair and go out and blow the leaves into neat little piles for the city to pick up.

Remember, You Are In Charge!

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Cliff Rieders is a Board Certified Trial Advocate in Williamsport, is Past President of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association and a past member of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority.
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