Dov Ivry

In Defence Of Putin

Far be it from me to defend Putin’s annexation of Crimea, which had been part of another country, the Ukraine.

And most of reasons Putin and his gang trot out in defence of the heist is hogwash.

But the Americans brought this on themselves and not just Obama, the most incompetent president in the history of that country, and as far as foreign policy goes, the most untrustworthy

Israel should pay attention, not so much to Russia, but to the Americans, because they are stuck in our craw as well.

When the Soviet Union fell, the Ukraine was a nuclear power. Obviously a small country in the middle of nowhere like the Ukraine did not need atomic weapons. But they had them. No one at that point could force them to give them up. They did voluntarily under pressure from the Americans.

The Ukrainians possessed 1,900 warheads more than Britain, France, China, and Israel combined. Their prime minister thought they should hang on to 46 ICBMs just in case. But the Americans and Russians assured the Ukrainians that their territorial integrity would be respected in perpetuity and they would never be subjected to any coercion, economic or otherwise. A treaty was signed to that effect at Budapest. The Ukrainians disarmed.

What happens if they had hung to those 46 ICBMs? Would Russia have tried to take over Crimea if the Ukraine still had nukes with perhaps delivery systems located in Crimea? No one can say but the Russians would have had to think twice about the matter and maybe simply forgot about it.

Did anyone hear Obama mention the Budapest agreement? No. But as late as 2009 the president solemnly declared the Americans’ commitment to the territorial integrity of the Ukraine as well as that of Kazakhstan and Belarus, two other countries that disarmed. To Putin that agreement was merely a scrap of paper. Obama seems to have regarded it as just another computer disc. The Ukraine got shafted by both sides.

Nuclear proliferation is the greatest danger to the human race. Who said that? John Kerry when he ran for president if I recall correctly. Iran has been trying to build a bomb for some time. Now we have negotiations with Kerry. Is that going to stop them?

Only hindsight will answer the question. But besides the danger to Israel from maniacs possessing nukes who are threatening to wipe us off the map, an armed Iran can open the floodgates to nuclear proliferation. Every country in the world will see that they too can build nukes. Who is going to stop them? And they will have a pretext to do it as well. Look at what happened to the Ukraine when they gave them up.

The Americans say to the Russia you just can’t walk in and strip off a slice of another country in the post-WWII world. It doesn’t matter what the demographics of the population are. This is the pot calling kettle black. These very Americans stripped off Kosovo, historically part of Serbia, and gave it to another people. They bombed Belgrade for more than two months with much loss of life.

(A few years ago I had neighbors originally from Serbia, a young couple. When the rockets from Hezbollah started to fall in the Second Lebanon War, I asked them, aren’t you scared? No, this is nothing compared what the Americans dropped on us, they replied.)

Well, the Americans say, the Serbians were oppressing the Kosovans. By that same token when the Kosovans began engaging in a brutal persecution of the 120,000-strong Gypsy community there, no one suggested that the Gypsies were entitled to an independent enclave in Kosovo for their protection. In fact the Americans looked the other way. The Gypsies were run out of their homes and communities which were frequently burned down, the women were raped, people were attacked and killed. The British made things much worse by locating now homeless Gypsies on a toxic dump. Not a peep from the Americans about that. The Americans make up the rules as they go along and so does Putin.

As we know in Israel the Americans will require others to do things in the interests of their foreign policy that they wouldn’t do themselves; even acts that would be illegal under American law. Can you imagine the Americans springing dozens of mass murderers from their prisons simply because their president woke up one morning and thought it was a good idea? That’s what he required Israel to do, never mind the victims, never mind the insult to justice, never mind that this was related to “peace talks” which the Americans always promised previously would be conducted without any pre-conditions.

If the Americans can bomb a capital of a country like Serbia until it forfeits part of its territory and forces the release of a multitude of mass murders in a country like Israel so that it would resume talks on “peace” with a people that don’t want it, and tell another country like the Ukraine, to give up its nukes because nothing is going to happen to them, why should Putin pay the least attention to what they say?

It’s what the Americans, or the governments of the Americans, do that counts. If America had a president who was not the weakling on the beach, Putin would not have acted. He can just kick sand in the face of Obama any time he wants. Israel can’t because it does not have the size of Russia.

I am not against a settlement with the Palestinians but only if it is done through direct negotiations and they understand, which they don’t, that they don’t get everything they want. Give-and-take does not mean “we give, you take.” At the very same time Kerry was blasting Putin, he undermined his own credibility by blaming Israel for the collapse of the current talks. Kerry speaks with forked tongue so Putin can laugh at him as a humbug.

In terms of relating to small countries, the Americans haven’t changed since they robbed the native Indians of their lands back in the day. Black Hawk fought against them and described them this way.

“Black Hawk has done nothing for which an Indian ought to be ashamed. He has fought for his countrymen, the squaws and papooses, against white men, who came year after year, to cheat them and take away their lands.”

I see no difference between what Obama through his mouthpiece is trying to do to Israel and what Putin did to the Ukraine. The difference is that Putin plunges the knife into the stomach and you can defend against that while Obama plunges the knife into the back while pretending he is your friend.

About the Author
Dov Ivry is from the Maritimes in Canada, born in Nova Scotia, raised in New Brunswick. He worked as a journalist there for 20 years with a one-year stop at the Gazette in Montreal. He's been hanging out in Israel for 36 years, doing this and that, and managed to produce 66 books.