Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

In every generation

What do you know from your parents? Your grandparents?

You didn’t come from nowhere. You came from other people.

What did they tell you? What do you know?

Every generation has an obligation to tell the next.

That G-d exists.

That everything comes from G-d.

That we bring blessings to ourselves and to the world, when we obey G-d.

Why did G-d create us? Why did G-d create our world?

“Ask your fathers, and they will tell you. Your elders, and they will inform you.” (Deuteronomy 32; 7)

The Medrash says, that G-d desired to have a dwelling place in the lowest places.

G-d is good. And the nature of someone who is good, is to do good things.

So G-d wanted good things for us.

What’s the best thing we can have? To be close to G-d, in His dwelling place.

Where we can know Him.

And by knowing Him, by obeying His commandments, by doing what He wants us to do, we bring His G-dliness into our world.

So that the world becomes peaceful, prosperous, and meaningful.

If we want to come close to G-d Who is beyond us, yet right next to us, and within us, then we can achieve something wondrous. A connection with beyond infinite, with majesty that is higher than we can possibly fathom.

We become close to our Creator.

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