India’s ‘In Time We Trust Monument’, Hanukkah Gift to Israel

On these turbulent days when Israel is still fighting for peaceful coexistence, India has graciously gifted a monument of Light, made of green Indian marble; 2” thick, 5 Ft. W. x 10 Ft. H. to celebrate our Mind in Time, a crucial collective, philosophical, and conscious evolution.

Historically speaking, the 0 (Zero) concept of the intangible was discovered by the mathematical astute people of India some 1200 years ago. The Jews discovered the 1 (one), o almighty Creator of the Uni-Verse; Time. (The Hebrew Code:  Yud Heh Vav Heh, (Yahweh.)

This monument is a solid bedrock testament to the growing friendship and mutual spiritual support between countries. It will enhance the well-being of both, the 1.2 Billion Indian people and the relatively smaller, yet equally diverse, 8 million person nation of Israel.

This monumental gift is but a symbol of ‘Light Unto The Nations’ in a world of darkness. The collective human mind is desperate for a glimpse of Light and a better Life in the tumultuous sea of darkness.

This Indian monument can be construed as a cosmic light house. Its purpose is to show the new course, and usher a new Paradigm of peace and happiness. A Paradigm which under-stands the Creation Process, and moves away from the old Belief Systems (B.S.) Paradigm.

Israel and India will raise the flames of Chanukah to light every conscious Human Mind. In so, ushering the path of understanding the self-creation process, and thus a neutral, 01 Uni-Verse.

LIGHT I.S. (In-formation System).

Edmond Isaac Cohen

Philosopher and Artist

Venice, California

Appeal to Curators
Appeal to Curators

Monument side A Side B Monument

About the Author
Edmond Cohen was born in Baghdad in 1935 and lived 14 years in Iraq, 14 years in Israel, and 7 years in Canada, before moving to Venice, California. In the process, he has adopted a universal philosophy and understanding of the Creation processes, via understanding Time and Mind.
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