India’s Undeclared Calamity

Riding on the ship of Hindu Nationalist Narendra Modi, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) came into power wining unprecedented 284 seats in Loksabha Elections 2014 with full majority after 30 years in Indian Electoral history by any non Nehru-Gandhi member.

The Indian youths, desperate for change, good education, jobs and eradication of corruption, gave votes to Narendra Modi’s model of good governance (Not to Hindu Nationalist) with full enthusiasm.

However, nobody knew that Modi’s victory could trigger to an undeclared and unannounced Calamity, just like colonial period, after 68 years of Independence, posing threat to unity and integrity of country.

In the country where even after been in minority, 15% of Muslim population enjoyed same status, freedom and participation as any other religion in India since independence in 1947 in Congress Regime (Indian National Congress), well know secular party of India. And this is the fact well-known to all Muslim World.

But, what happened to the world’s largest democracy, most tolerant, secular, cosmopolitan and fastest growing country, in last one year that led to ‘Religious Intolerance” at its Zenith.

Since 68 years the Congress party have used Indian Muslim community as its vote bank, pretending to give provide them favour (Reservation) in all sectors, but they are still underprivileged as compare to other minorities. But they could not still understand how they have been used by political parties and why they are still downtrodden even after having so many schemes, reservations and privileges. And Indian is the only country which gives such privileges to Muslim community, for example subsidy in Hajj Pilgrimage which is not even given by any Arab country.

Anyhow, coming to point, since BJP came into power in May 2014, religious tolerance has took a new turn in the history of independent India.

In most recent disgusting and heinous incident a mob of Hindu extremists attacked and killed a Muslim person on grounds of consuming beef by him in Dadri village in State of Uttar Pradesh last month. But, in the previous governments, was consuming beef a crime in India. Had no one eaten beef in India in last 68 years? Were Hindu banned from worshiping Cow in last Governments? Then now what has been changed, what new has been happened in BJP Government.

Ban on Cow slaughter and eating beef have been making headlines in Indian media for last one month with ridiculous statements by leaders of ruling and opposition parties on the support and against religious groups madly, setting aside all the development issues.

Citizens want to get out of such caste and religious politics for the sake of development while the political leaders, whichever party it is, still think voters as political fools.  Whether it is Congress or BJP both played the ace of Communalism to be in power.

Since in last one and half year of BJP Government, a number of more incidents of religion conversion (Ghar Wapasi) of Muslims and Christians to Hinduism, vandalizing Mosques and Churches have also been reported in last one and a half year in many parts of India.

The hate speeches by Hindu extremist group Vishwa Hindu Parishad      or by leaders of All Indian Majilis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) against religion of each other have created an atmosphere of fear among people of both communities, triggering an Undeclared and Unannounced war and devastation in India, the Country know for ‘Unity in Diversity’.

While, due to recent religious intolerance acts in various parts of India against Christians and Muslims, Mr Barack Obama, the president of USA, who has already been failed to stop racial indifference against African American in USA, did not even hesitate to advice India that such increasing religious intolerance in India would have even shocked Mahatma Gandhi. But he forgot that Mahatma Gandhi was the real victim of religious intolerance who saw the partition of his country on communal basis.

“As of now India can go towards direction of fastest developed Economy or towards the Only Hindu Country in the World.”

About the Author
Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, I am a journalist, writer and blogger, worked for leading newspapers and news channels including The Hitavada, DD News in India for many years.