Steve Nimmons
Documentary Photographer and Visual Artist

Inspire a Generation

Olympic London is buzzing. With Team GB third in the medals table, the United Kingdom is a kingdom united, by sport. ‘Inspire a Generation’ the watchwords of an optimistic and anticipative legacy, warm the hearts of the most ardent cynics.

Symbols of The Games are everywhere, on flags, T-shirts, hoardings and sprouting like uncontainable weeds through the detritus of moth-eaten souvenir stalls. But what’s that on the back of London’s famous red bus?

Al Quds advert London bus

Photo credit: Stop the Bomb

It is an advert for the Islamic Human Rights Commission’s (IHRC) forthcoming Al-Quds Day march on August 17th. The IHRC, a Khomeinist group, campaigns for Omar Abdel Rahman, the spiritual leader of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, serving life in the United States for offenses related to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

The same IHRC of which the Stephen Roth Institute wrote:

The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) is a radical Islamist organization that uses the language and techniques of a human rights lobbying group to promote an extremist agenda.

The multicultural and progressive values of Londoners are certainly being challenged. CBS Outdoor, Transport for London’s advertising partner should intervene.

As sport inspires a generation to new heights, the IHRC seems to offer little but the inspiration of a generation of banner bearers for Hezbollah.

About the Author
Steve Nimmons is a writer, documentary photographer and visual artist based in Northern Ireland.