Insurance policy

A vehicle that was allegedly torched by Israeli settlers in an apparent Price Tag attack, June 2013 (illustrative photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

My first reaction to this image, as with so many others of the same type, was as follows.

‘I wonder if the owner of that car is carrying enough insurance to cover the cost of repairs or its replacement for the amount of damage inflicted upon it. If not, then he or she is going to be severely out of pocket as a result. And I suppose a courtesy vehicle here must be considered completely out of the question.’

And isn’t that the entire situation in a nutshell?

Israelis and Palestinians have no insurance policy in place to make up for the damage they do to one another. The only returns they get are dead bodies, massive traumas, both physical and mental, and the constant siphoning off of vast quantities of money and energy, all of which are then sunk into a conflict most of them would gladly see the back of in a heartbeat.

So, has the time come for the creation of just such a policy, one that will deliver the very best sort of compensation for the most minimal premium imaginable?

That’s a whole lot of cover for some very small outlay, especially if the installments required can be spread across the sum total of humanity.

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