Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Intelligence To G-d

Recently a number of prominent technological innovators have warned that AI (artificial intelligence) might become dangerous to humans.

The same can be said about human intelligence. Before World War Two, Germany was one of the most civilized nations in the world, excelling in the arts and sciences. Yet the Nazis did what they did. Why? Because they relied on their intellect, instead of obeying G-d. Their intellect told them that it is wrong to kill human beings, but they rationalized that certain people are not human. Had they been subservient to G-d, then “Thou shalt not murder” meant exactly that.

Nowadays democracies are teetering. Many people are allowing their intellect to decide how to live their lives, what is right and what is wrong. They took G-d out of the picture, and the result has been rising crime, uncertainty, and intense polarization.

A previous post (regarding the second chapter in the Book of Daniel) describes a crumbling of ideologies, when Moshiach will bring an awareness of G-d to the entire world. Perhaps the recent efforts in Israel in this direction might be a harbinger of this, and Israel will be a role model to the world. As Isaiah prophecizes, “For from Zion will the Torah spread out, and the word of G-d from Jerusalem.”

And just as G-d showed us wonders on Passover, may we very soon merit the time when “the entire world will be filled with an awareness of G-d,” and all the nations “will serve Him with one shoulder.”

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