International Court and Israel

On Friday, February 5th, the United Nations, again, exhibited its discrimination against Israel when the International Criminal Court (ICC) ruled that it has jurisdiction over war crimes and atrocities committed in the Palestinian territories. The decision of the ICC to include the Palestine territories within its jurisdiction opened the door for possible investigations against Israel.(The Palestinians joined the court in 2015 and asked for an investigation of the Israeli actions during the 2014 war in the Gaza strip. The Israeli operation was designed to stop rocket fire from Gaza into Israel, which increased after an Israeli crackdown on Hamas in the West Bank was launched following the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers by two Hamas members.)

But the ICC’s investigation into Israel’s alleged war crimes, citing civilian deaths, is just the latest form of antisemitism. Israel has taken every possible measure to save civilian lives and reduce the death rates during each of the wars that she was forced to enter, whereas Hamas strategically placed military stations near schools and hospitals, heartlessly, placing the lives of its citizens in harm’s way. Hamas’ mission to destroy Israel’s image in the international community was the modus operandi for taking such strategic actions, thus backing Israel into a corner. Hamas’ hate for Israel, combined with its evident lack of appreciation for human lives, has produced terrorists who will stop at nothing. Even in the midst of a war, Israel took every action possible to save civilian lives. Cellphone blasts giving warning to the citizens, as Israeli drones fired flairs at the roofs of homes, alerted people to seek shelter. Israel, defending herself against terrorist organizations that are backed by Iran, time and again, gets pulled into battles. The standards by which Israel and her army are held and the ones by which Hamas is measured are unequal in nature.

Ironically, the United States Pentagon has studied the practices that the Israeli army has used to give warning to the Palestinian civilians and has even gone so far as to send a “lessons-learned team” of senior officers to work with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to learn how to minimize civilian casualties when faced with similar circumstances. In 2019, Senator Kamala Harris condemned the high court for its unfair judgment of Israel and signed a letter calling the International Criminal Court’s intentions towards Israel dangerous, encouraging the United States to stand in full force against them.

The end of Israel’s conflict with its neighbors will ONLY come from a negotiating table, as was done under the historic Abraham Accords. International pandering to transparent Palestinian attempts to avoid negotiating – whether by the United Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the ICC or any other player – ultimately wastes time and costs lives.

It is confounding that after attempting to annihilate the Jews of the Middle East by war, boycott, embargos and promotional terror, Palestinians would want to use the ICC to sue Israel for war crimes . No other county has faced such levels of scrutiny from an international panel of countries. Israel is held to standards unmatched by any other country. As Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East and the only Jewish country in the world, what one must wonder is who is truly on trial: the Jewish State or, in fact, the Jewish people?

This is the new form of antisemitism. The transference of the irrational hatred and demonization of the Jewish people to an irrational demonization and hatred of the only Jewish state in the world should be called what it is. The ICC should take time to investigate and bring to justice the true evils of the world. Regimes such as The Islamic Republic of Iran who, almost daily, commits brutal crimes against its own people where public hangings of gay people are displayed proudly and fully supported in its towns should be investigated.  Baha’is, the largest non-Muslim religious minority in Iran, are routinely arrested, detained and imprisoned. They are barred from holding government jobs and to further discriminate against them, their shops are routinely closed by officials.

In December of 2020, Iran executed the exiled journalist Ruhollah Zam for inspiring nationwide protests in 2017, yet Iran sits on the United Nations Commission on Criminal Justice.  China is responsible for the horrible treatment of one million Uighurs who were sent to camps, jailed and crushed.  Perhaps China, who joined the UN Human Rights Council on January 1st of this year  and Iran should be removed and placed on trial.

Jews living in their own homeland, forced to defend themselves against attacks by rockets and missiles, are not the ones committing war crimes. When Israel is forced to defend herself and her citizens – as any other nation in the world would do- she should not be punished. The time for a critical look at the membership, agenda and focus of The United Nations Human Rights Council and The International Criminal Court is NOW.   We must shift the focus away from the lies and false propaganda about Israel and steer it towards all of the truly evil dictators sitting behind the wheel attacking Jews and controlling the narrative.

About the Author
Aylin Sedigh grew up in Shiraz, Iran. She immigrated to the United States at the age of twelve. She is passionate about raising awareness about Mizrahi Jews and their trials and triumphs. Her goal is to open the conversation about the sacrifices that Mizrahi Jews had to make in order to survive the oppressions of the governments which they lived under.
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