Conversations in an Afterlife

Suspected ‘price tag’ vandalism near Nablus                                             Times of Israel: November 19, 2013

Yet another futile attempt to change what is now the past, the same preconditioned reflex from mindsets that have learned nothing of value nor are ever likely to do so. Not unless they are force-fed the lessons in no uncertain manner.

And searching for answers in the past will get us nowhere. Reasons may be found there, both positive and negative but no dynamic principle will be observed; it is a dead place for finding such solutions. These can only be sourced from what is happening in the here and now. Or, on a more practical level, from the future.

And this is done by ignoring everything that has not worked in a time-span well in excess of several generations.

Large scale violence and small, legal argument, passive resistance, peace initiatives, military might, appeals for justice and redress from all sides to both God and man: Every one of these has ultimately proved useless.

None of the above, individually or in concert, has yielded much in the way of resolution or general improvement in the overall picture. The reason for this is clear. Too much effort has been wasted in following what is, invariably, a static program, the adoption of ways and means to overcome problems that will always prove unresponsive to all types of conventional thinking. These methods contain no concept, no realisation of just how to avoid the many pitfalls and stumbling blocks that would eternally deny progress towards any sort of finality in such matters.

Steps leading to lasting agreement by the principals in dispute here call for massive risks on their part, few of which will ever be undertaken. No matter how favourable the terms or what real benefits may be derived, this will always be the case. That is why the situation has stayed much as it has been for nearly seven decades, far too unstable to tame in the limited time afforded every measure that has tried to make it otherwise.

But the secret here has always been dependent on knowing precisely what to risk. And that secret may have lain dormant from the very start.

And now all those next in line to perish in this conflict may well have just cause to question the motives and the reasons why no such intervention on their behalf was ever attempted. It might even give rise to the sort of awkward encounters that are best avoided, conversations in an afterlife where much agonised soul-searching would be an eternal companion.


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Engineer, Virgo - now retired having worked 30 years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging for a major German multinational. Based in UK .