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Interstellar life begins with God’s suns

New research is able to prove with reasonable certainty that the sun broke down CO2 in the Martian atmosphere billions of years ago. And that the resulting carbon monoxide gradually reacted with other chemicals in the atmosphere synthesizing complex molecules and thus providing Mars with organic materials.

“Such carbon-based complex molecules are the building blocks of life. So, this it is like the old debate about which came first, the chicken or the egg. We show that the organic material found on Mars has been formed through atmospheric photochemical reactions without life. This is the ‘egg,’ not the chicken.

It still remains to be shown whether or not this organic material resulted in life on the Red Planet,” said Johnson and continued: “Additionally because Earth, Mars and Venus had very similar CO2 rich atmospheres long ago when this photolysis took place, it can also prove important for our understanding of how life began on Earth,” said Professor Matthew Johnson from Department of Chemistry at University of Copenhagen.

A more poetic and religious way of thinking about how and why the creation of life occurred starts with the observation that life started out with a single cell and now it is estimated that there are around 37 trillion cells in each adult human body.

Before the beginning of God’s creating
There was nothing but God’s will.
There was harmony, peace,
Divine perfection and unity.
Allah was all knowing, all-powerful, all present, perfect,
and all alone.

There was no challenge, no change, no relationships,
No feelings, no creativity, no vision,
And no partner to love.

So Allah decided to create the heavens and the earth.
Not just space and time
Billions of galaxies over billions of years,
The laws of physics and math,
But also uncertainty, probability, and randomness
To evolve creatures with free will
To inspire, love, redeem and relate to.

In order to accomplish this God chose to self-limit.
To offer some of the Divine power, knowledge, freedom and creativity
To others, so they could learn, change, create and love.
Able to choose each other and God
In committed relationships as covenant partnerships.

The creatures created in God’s image would engage in
competition, cooperation and consciousness;
Growth and decay, good and evil, love and hate,
War and peace, success and failure, illness and health,
Good deeds and evil acts.

Yet Allah created our world, and saw that it was good
And God added blessings, and holiness
So that our would be very good.

Before there was matter and energy,
 before there was space and time,
 there was only the one God.
 The Infinite One was unlimited. 
All was in harmony. 
All was perfect in the realm of being.

But there was no growth, no evolution,
 no challenge and no choice.
 Worst of all, there were no relationships.
 The realm of becoming did not yet exist.

The Infinite One decided 
to become a creator.
 In order to do so the Infinite One
 underwent self limitation, 
contracting into an infinitely small singularity.

Then it was possible to create space/time and matter/energy.
 Then it was possible to create the laws of nature,
 both invariable and variable. 
Then it was possible to create feeling and thinking creatures. 
Then it was possible to create self conscious and religious creatures.

Then God was no longer alone.

But since creation must be finite,
 limited by the laws of nature and free will,
 creation was flawed; filled with fractures, tears and cracks.
 Challenge and change meant that harmony
 was replaced with competition and conflict.

Free will meant that errors and evils replaced perfection.
Limits were imposed on knowledge and life.
It would be the duties of all the creatures in the universe 
created in the image of God
 to mend the fractures, tears and cracks in the universe 
and restore its unity.

In the process both the unique One,
 and the infinite number of creatures created in the Divine image,
would grow together.
 So that at the end of time all would be in harmony
 as it was before the beginning
and God’s name would become the Harmony One.

For all individual life forms 
shortly before a soul is embodied 
it is asked if it wants to be able to attach itself to its children, 
to feel the pain of becoming detached from one it loves,
 and in general to love and be loved. 
If it says yes it is embodied in a mammal.
 If it says no it is embodied as a fish or an insect.

Then the soul is asked if it desires to be
 independent and responsible only for its own survival
 or if it desires to be part of a group or a pack with a social structure.

If it desires to be only an individual 
it is embodied as a solitary hunter.
 If it desires to belong to a community 
it is embodied as a social insect such as a bee or a termite
 if it did not want to love,
 or as a social mammal such as a chimpanzee or a dog
 if it desired to love and be loved.

Finally, the soul is asked if it wants to be self-conscious
 of its need to struggle with social and moral choices, 
its duties and responsibilities to others, 
and its spiritual connection to greater realities.
If it says yes it is created as a human being
or a Jinn extraterrestrial
and informed that humans
are God’s Khalifa-Vicegerent stewards;
duty bound to increase righteousness,
and decrease selfishness
in all of Allah’s 18,000 life filled worlds.

The Zabur of David says, “Your kingdom is a kingdom of all worlds; and Your dominion is for all generations.” (Zabur-Psalms 145:13); and the Qur’an says, “We have not sent you but as a blessing for all the worlds.” (Al-Anbiya 107). Muslim commentators say this refers to the 18.000 habitable worlds created by Allah. Our world is but one of them. (Mir’at-e-Kainat, vol.1, p.77) And Zohar, the central book of Jewish mysticism, says there are 12.000 inhabited worlds. (Zohar 2:196a)

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