Interview: Creator of Wattozz, Sertan Aycicek

Taser weapon, which we have seen in the US and even in Hollywood movies for a long time, is not that impressive anymore and has become a subject of heated debates.

Together with those who refer to lethal outcome in the application of Taser, some specialists argue that wireline technology has become obsolete. All these factors suggest that widely adopted Taser is in need of an alternative.

In this context, the new self-defense weapon Wattozz, created in Turkey is far more modern than Taser. Being completely non-lethal weapon, Wattozz could earn a lot of accolades from experts. It is planned that Wattozz will be widely used as a self-defense weapon. It is likely that Wattozz is a product that can even be used by those who oppose individual firearms.

I discussed Wattozz, characterized by certain international investors as the most technically successful of recent years, with the CEO of Albayraklar Group of Companies, the Chairman of World Diplomats Union Sertan Ayçiçek.

Let’s start with a straight question. What is Wattozz?

Wattozz is an electric weapon, which can disable an armed attacker from a distance, without harming yourself or the attacker. Frankly, we have been working on this weapon for a long time. Our engineers spent much time and put a lot of effort to develop Wattozz and reach current parameters.

When it was said electroshock, Taser would come into minds. From now on, can we say that Wattozz will dethrone Taser?  

Clearly, now, the Taser distributors from various countries are negotiating with us to obtain the distribution of Wattozz. Possibility to control and regulate the electric level from a distance gives our product an advantage over its rival – Taser. Functions, mentioned above completely exclude an opportunity of a lethal outcome. As Wattozz is a wireless device, it is possible to open more targeted fire. Thus, the risk of injuring, as when using Taser with its wired technology, is being eliminated. In general, it is wrong to compare Wattozz with Taser, because Wattozz is a perfect form of Taser.

In fact, since it is an electroshock gun makes you feel relieved from a conscientious point of view, because as far as I know, Wattozz has no killing capability and it would not be wrong to say that it is especially pushing security agencies who use firearms into a transformation, isn’t it?

Of course, it is essential for us. As I have said, you can regulate the voltage with Wattozz. One of our objectives is the widespread use of Wattozz in security organizations. Moreover, I can say that we have come a long way in this direction in a short period of time.

What are your expectations on Wattozz? You must be expecting serious figures.

Our expectations from the sale of Wattozz is the annual income of 250 million dollars. This figure is not achievable for many firearm manufacturers. However, we believe that we can reach and overcome this mark.

Which countries have you made deals with?

At the moment we have contracts in 40 countries. This number is growing because our contacts and meetings with many countries are underway. Last time we made a high-level presentation in Malaysia. We are planning to make a presentation in the US and Germany in the near future.

What kind of sales strategy are you following? For example, can someone individually buy Wattozz?

Police officers around the world will have this weapon in a very short time. We are sure. Our goal is 180 countries. For example, in some countries, we can sell this weapon to the civilian population, as well. Wattozz, as an incomparable self-defense device, makes it possible to neutralize the attacker, not killing him.

How much is the unit price? How many countries are purchasing?

The price of Wattozz including all characteristics is 1300 USD. After a detailed analyze, carried out with our team, I believe it is an optimum price. For example, you have to pay extra to put a camera on Taser, and you also pay for guarantee and training. In the case of Wattozz, you do not have to pay for the camera; it is already set on the device.

What kind of innovations will you introduce in defense industry other than Wattozz?

We will present a Wattozz riffle, which shoots from 35 meters, soon. Right now I can say that our product will attract broad interest. Very soon our company will be on the stock exchange, and you will get much news about our company.



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