For quite some time now Israel and Iran have not been on the best terms. As of now, the tension between the two has risen greatly. For example, just today Israel had to shoot down an Iranian drone. This was just before the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was going to address certain issues with the U.N. about Israel’s current situation with Iran.  Because Iran is the biggest threat to Israel, we need to be very careful about how we deal with them. They are such a great threat because of their nuclear weapon development, they give the largest funds of sponsoring terrorism, and because they have a plan of taking over the Middle East.

Iran’s development of nuclear weapons is a big threat to Israel. This is because of one main reason. If Iran gets a hold of nuclear weapons they can do a few things with it, but all options lead to something negative. The first one is, Iran would be able to bomb Israel. The U.S. can help by not giving Iran money to build a nuclear bomb.The second one is after Iran gets nuclear weapons it’ll lead to other places such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, and Hezbollah wanting one. And the last one is Israel wouldn’t be able to bomb Hezbollah because if they do, Iran will bomb us. Many people would agree that Iran having nuclear weapons would be horrible.

Iran gives the largest funds that sponsor terrorism which is also a big threat to Israel. One of the biggest terrorist groups is Hamas, which is sponsored by Iran. Israel is in great danger because of this terrorist group and if Iran keeps sponsoring this group, we will constantly be in danger. Once Iran realizes that it is time to stop sponsoring terrorist groups that when we can be more confident that Iran won’t bomb Israel.

Iran has a plan to take over the Middle East. In other words, they want “regional control”. This is also a huge threat to Israel. With the threats that Iran made towards Israel about destroying Tel Aviv over the past few days, many are very anxious. Iran’s army chief was the one that said if Israel made any wrong moves that Iran would “immediately lay waste to Israel’s commercial capital of Tel Aviv”.While threats like this continue, the Prime minister of Israel was discussing these kinds of issues with the U.N.

All in all, There is a lot of tension going on between Iran and Israel. The Prime Minister of Israel wanted to discuss these issues with the United Nations when that same day Israeli troops found an Iranian drone on their land. Iran is such a big threat to Israel, so we must deal with them in a way that won’t harm any of our people In Israel. They are a threat because of their development of nuclear weapons, they give the largest funds of sponsoring terrorism, and because of their plan to take over the Middle East.

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