Iran has been warned: We can snap back sanctions…

That’s it, we have a “deal”. Those in Iran’s line of fire – Israel and the Arab world — are uniting in condemning this deal as a mistake of historical proportion… Those signatories, thousands of miles from Iran, are telling us this is a  “good deal” which “blocks every paths to Iran’s nuclear weapon”.

Those against the deal are arguing that Iran will lie and cheat because Iran has a serious history of lying and cheating the world on its nuclear program. The other side do not disagree, this is why Obama stated that this deal is based on “verification not trust” but they argue that sanctions can be snapped back in a matter of 30 to 60 days. Well if you read the deal it is much close to 3 months, but one month here or there won’t make a difference.

The “snap back” argument is not satisfying those in the region so let’s see what was signed:

If the resolution described above has not been adopted within 30 days of the notification, then the provisions of the old UN Security Council resolutions would be re-imposed unless the UN Security Council decides otherwise. In such event, these provisions would not apply with retroactive effect to contracts signed between any party and Iran or Iranian individuals and entities prior to the date of application.

You have it, the UN Security Council can decide that reimposing sanction is not necessary and “snapping back” the existing sanctions won’t be much use, after a while, when trillions of dollars of foreign investments would have poured into Iran since sanctions won’t be retroactive.

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Yoram Halberstam is a software architect who moved to Israel two years ago. He lives in the South and is currently opening a high tech startup in Israel.
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