Iran in financial crisis

The financial battle between Iran and the United States has gained a huge momentum after the United States decided to leave JCPOA and further its pressure using sanctions and financial punishments for all those engaging in financial transactions with Iran. Donald Trump announced in his interview with Fox news that Iran’s behavior has changed considerably after the new wave of sanctions hit Iran’s financial system and that’s quite obvious considering how Iran’s presence in the region has diminished along with their ambitious agenda to move towards the Mediterranean and expand their influence over the whole Eastern hemisphere.

All of these setbacks and retreats are due to the financial hardship Iranians are suffering and now at the heat and height of this financial crisis they are facing, we must bear in mind that it’s only the beginning of this war and we, the free world, have a long way to go.

Donald Trump is a smart man when it comes to financial matters and right now, he is moving past the conventional steps and doing something extraordinary to cripple Iran’s economy. According to an anonymous source, closely affiliated with US government, president Trump has decided to move all Dollar bills in Iran out of circulation and this means all US dollars in Iranian hands will be worthless papers. This is going to be done rather easily and huge amounts of dollar bills being transported in stacks of physical cash makes tracking them very easy. Iran has to deal in cash because of the sanctions and that’s why Iranian officials are in the process of acquiring African countries’ passports to work around those sanctions.

As it seems, this has been a long time coming attack planned in Obama’s administration and the Dollar bills sent to Iran at that time were just a start for this grand plan to take place afterwards.

Iran’s stupid parliament and their decision to open their books to the US inspections joining international anti-money laundering  treaties has made this quite simple to track the money trail and target and devalue all their dollar bills.

It was about time someone did something meaningful to help the Great State of Israel against Iran and who knew? The best team against Iran is comprised of Israel, the US, Iranian president and his administration and Iranian parliament and its members! This is a golden opportunity we should NOT miss.

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Proud Jewish girl, born and raised in the US, Masters in Political Science from the University of Arizona.