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Iran nuclear deal: An open letter to Europe

With the flurry of reactions as regards the Iran Nuclear deal fallout and Europe’s strides to salvage the deal, a re-evaluation of security, diplomacy and historicity is of keen importance in effectively analysing the current trends.

Firstly, it was the same peace pact which Chamberlain the then Prime Minister of Britain claimed he had signed with the Nazi’s, over which he declared “Peace for Europe,” that few years later, turned out to be Europe’s own undoing and start of World war two. Obviously, that treaty was in actuality a diplomatic victory, but in reality a vantage point from which Hitler could amass more armaments and prepare for his full scale bid toward the domination of the world through military might, while hiding behind the cloak of diplomacy.

It should be noted that in a conflict of interest between security and diplomacy, security must come first. History have proved it time and time again, that a treaty with a tyrant without overturning the fabric of his tyranny, is only a postponement of his aggression and a leverage point from which he could rise up to be stronger while playing the demagogue and preparing for such a time; even though on paper trying to look to the world as though he desires peace, when in reality he is training in the shadows and amassing strength for the best possible time to strike.

Secondly it was the same inactions in Europe that tolerated the cruel acts of Saddam Hussein, who while playing the demagogue to the world, remained a desperado behind the scenes by amassing great armaments and preparing for the grand production of chemical weapons. while Europe overlooked, and sought instead for floppy political solutions failing to see the reality behind the dictators ignoble actions. They blinded their eyes with the lies of which they were fed by his regime; believing a liar over-against the facts of his lies. However Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait proved the very opposite.

The Iran Nuclear deal is no different from any of the previously cited historic instances. The facts are simple:

When security is set at odds with diplomacy, security must prevail. The tide, antecedence and most recent actions of Iran have itself proven time and again, that first Iran lied about having Nuclear ambitions, and are not ready to own up to such fact, even in the face of realistic proofs. A deal founded on lies; is no deal, and a deal which is no deal; cannot be a deal. If truth must be silenced for a deal to be reached, then such deal in itself is a lie. Viable Intelligence reports, as well as Iran’s own aggressive present, and its destabilizing actions in the Middle-east especially its threat against the state of Israel, furnishes strong points that major articles of Iran’s nuclear ambitions; it attempts to hide under a smoke screen. Most recently, the revelations that Iran had continued a covert nuclear program even after the deal had been singed, was never truly addressed by the Iranian government who preferred to play the ‘Ad hominem’ than address the fact.

Europe has to look at this deal beyond the voices of Iran, beyond a political or diplomatic newsroom, into the very heart of the issue, which is the security challenge posed by Iranian aggressiveness. The world cannot afford to raise another Hitler, while singing praises of a diplomatic victory.

If Europe must take an action towards this deal, it must not be one of repeating historic mistakes. The concerns of security, must be placed first above the concerns of Politics and diplomacy. The tree must be uprooted and not just it’s leaves cut.

Any deal which do not include curtailing the ever expanding nature of Iran’s rogue attitude, their ever increasing threats to annihilate some sovereign states around the sub-region (especially the state of Israel), their continuous testing of ballistic missiles, the undemocratic and highly suppressive nature of their regime, as well as their support for religious extremism and terrorism around the world, is No-deal.

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S Ovwata Onojieruo is a Theologian, Political Scientist and Philosopher, whose Research interest spans across the areas of Legal theory, Political Philosophy, Social Epistemology, International Politics and International Relations theory. He currently functions as a Post-graduate Researcher, and Tutorial assistant with the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and can be reached on twitter @OvwataS
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