Iran: We Will Help You Against Jihad

It seems unbelievable: yesterday we saw a British man beheading an American in the middle of the Syrian desert in the name of the Islamic State. Obama defined it as a show that has no place in the 21st century, whereas it is and will be exactly our daily show, and to get a sense of it, to fight, is not easy.

ISIS’ provocation, its direct address to the Western world right now with James Foley’s beheading made an impact in terms of enormous confusion and at last, after many years in the wake of Obama’s appeasement, of mobilization. For now, in addition to Obama’s appalled words, there are tales of failure coming from the United States: the US had received a multimillion-dollar ransom request for Foley’s release, but its response, as a journalist’s relative reveals, was negative.
Now, the sense of horror and risk provoked by Foley’s kidnapping and execution goes with the threat to the other journalist’s life, Steven Satloff, who is shown dressed with a jumpsuit and ready to be slaughtered. Other three Americans, ISIS warns, will be killed if the US will keep disturbing the crazy march of the Islamic State.

This goes with the vague news releases, according to which the US attempted a rescue operation this summer in Syria to free a group of hostages, included James Foley. Since reality is different from movies, the several dozen soldiers parachuted in Syria did not find the prisoners, but they had to engage in a firefight with ISIS.
The US war for Foley failed, and the one against Assad’s chemical weapons does not seem to have a better fate as well, if it is true that one year passed since Assad’s commitment to hand over his lethal gases and, just yesterday, five rebels were probably killed right that way.
Struggling, the Western world is trying to react to this new situation, which is taking the shape of a war both outside and inside the borders. Cameron, and a great number of British people with him, were overwhelmed by the British accent of the executioner in the footage who, with the knife already in his hand, says he will sever Foley’s head, and denounced the risk that those monsters may be coming back home.

The “Times of London” writes about a group of three “intelligent, well-educated” British militants in charge of guarding the captives until their beheading. There are thousands of Britons in Syria, they call them the “Black Beatles” named after the hoods they wear, the killer in the movie is called “John”.
One news stands out from all the others for its irrationality: following the French proposal of setting up an anti-ISIS group, Iran announced that it “will accept to do something” if the sanctions on the country’s nuclear program will be lifted. Those who remember the Iranian children used during the war with Iraq, wearing the plastic key to paradise around their necks, those who know that Iran’s proxies are those Hezbollah forces, who are fighting on Assad’s side in Syria (should we enlist them too?), those who know that Iran is the world’s biggest state-sponsor of terrorism – should reject that very idea with horror.

And this also because, in fact, Iran is already in Iraq, where it most probably will be controlling the part that will remain in the Shiites’ hands, while Sunni and Kurds will split the rest. Certainly, Iran can fight fiercely, but it does have some peculiarities: it does not stop until it has an interest in doing so, it has designs on the entire Middle East, it is a religious zealot power, and, beware, it is going forward with developing the nuclear bomb.


About the Author
Fiamma Nirenstein is a journalist, author, former Deputy President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and member of the Italian delegation at the Council of Europe.