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Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif accuses Israel of blood-washing

Israel is often accused of “whitewashing” alleged crimes by trying to direct attention to good things about Israel – and of “pink-washing” by tying to direct attention to the safe environment it provides for homosexuals.

A relatively new concept is “blood-washing” – and here is a fresh example of it:

In an exclusive interview with Al-Monitor, Ali Hashem asks Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif: “Why is Israel enraged by the deal?”

Unfortunately, they need crisis and wars to continue to hide their aggressions and their inhumane policies against the people of Lebanon, Palestine and the people of the region, so peace is an existential threat to them.

And in the same interview, Zarif is asked: “What’s the impact of this deal on the region, from your point of view?”

I believe that this deal will remove a smokescreen [behind] which Israel was standing and hiding its criminal activities against the people of Lebanon and the people of Palestine and also a smokescreen [behind which] some of our friends in the region, unfortunately, provided assistance to extremist groups and sectarian groups and tried to hide behind this phenomenon of Iranophobia that they were spreading in the region through the use of this episode. So now my call to our friends and brothers in the Persian Gulf, in the broader Arab world, is that Iran is ready to engage in good faith with all of them based on mutual respect, good neighborliness and Islamic brotherhood.

Wow! Iran is going to expand its ecumenical activities. It is already adept at bridging the Sunni-Shi’ite divide by supporting Hamas.


Won’t it be wonderful when Iran has billions of dollars to invest in supporting all kinds of violent Sunni extremists – and while they’re at it, non-Muslim North Korea?


Source of quotes:  Ali Hashem, 15 July 2015

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