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Iranian Mullah’s Aim for Psychological Warfare!

Khamenei and the inner circle of Islamic Republic / Free Picture for all platforms - Iranian Social Media

These days, the Middle East is not in a good state. Among the communities of two countries – regional actors – there is talk of war. Both the people of Iran and the people of Israel follow the news with curiosity. In Iran, the situation is fragile and tense, and the people are scared and worried. No one knows where the situation will head. But whatever it is, the criminal mullahs have dragged the region to the brink of a precipice and have ignited the flames of war, yet they lack the courage and power for war. The Islamic Republic is only pleased with itself based on 3 factors: missile launches; provoking proxy terrorist groups, and waging a propaganda war. However, these 3 factors are not sufficient for a country that is isolated, despised, bankrupt, and corrupt to win a war.

Although the Islamic Republic orbits the axis of evil (China, Russia, and North Korea), all three countries, due to their own interests, will abandon Iran in the mire of war and none of them will take up arms with the international community for the sake of corrupt and criminal mullahs. Although the Russia has significant influence at the command level in Iran’s military and security structure, up to this moment, its interests and benefits lie in preserving the mullahs’ power in Iran. Of course, it should not go unsaid, the United States also does not favor a regime change. Both Trump sought a new deal with the mullahs and Biden, up to this moment, has continued friendship with the mullahs. But as long as this regime remains in power, the condition of the Middle East will remain in this chaos, unrest, and instability.

In international relations, usually, these are the necessary causes of war. For war to occur between two states they must have some contact and salience, some awareness of each other. They must also have some opposing interests, something to fight about, and capabilities to fight. War is typically fought by a country or group of countries against an opposing force to seek an objective. Wars are fought for a variety of reasons including economic, territorial, religious, political, civil, revenge, and ideological. Visual created using responses to our question of the month: ‘how do you define war?’

But the war of the Islamic Republic of Iran – which is completely alien to the Iranian people and acts as an occupying government – against Israel, is an ideological war. A destructive and sadistic ideology called Khomeinism aims at the destruction of America and Israel. It came to power in 1979 with the help of terrorist groups and has continued in power for 45 years based on terrorism and undoubtedly will not step aside without bloodshed and war and will not go into the dustbin of history.

From the day the late Shah of Iran – Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi – left Iran; it seems as if the pillar of stability in the Middle East was lost, and the Middle East witnessed crimes, bloodshed, destructions, and relentless wars. But this boil or abscess of radical Islam and Islamic terrorism has infected the whole Middle East and requires surgery. If Israel attacks Iran, not even a single streetlight in Iran will remain intact. Some countries also incite separatist terrorist groups so that essentially nothing called Iran remains. The mullahs for the past 45 years had no other sinister mission than the destruction of Iran and the Middle East and have destroyed it in the best possible way, they have killed, taken away, and spread poverty, darkness, misfortune, and crime.

Israel wants to continue a normal and peaceful life, but the Islamic Republic lives by creating crises and cannot exist without uproar. But if Israel explodes even a simple grenade in Iran, no one from the Iranian people will stand with the government although the mullahs, with the help of their media mafia collaborators around the world, like to launch a campaign of mourning and mourning, but the mullah acts only to kill innocent, helpless, and unarmed people of Iran like a predator but has nothing to offer against Israel and America.

Ali Fadavi, IRGC Deputy Commander-in-Chief and the corrupt Imam of Isfahan – Iranian Social Media – Free for all platforms

No sane and enlightened person seeks to ignite the flames of war, democracy does not come out of the barrel of a gun; whatever there is, it’s slaughter and destruction. But the problem is that the savage mullah understands only the language of force, bullets, and power. Here, the anti-Israel government in Iran and the Iranian friends of the people of Israel are opposed to each other. If Israel can bomb Iran’s military, missile, and nuclear facilities for once – and only once – the complex of lunatics of the Revolutionary Guards will also try to barrage missiles in a crazy manner. Or that the Quds Force in the Middle East attacks American and Israeli centers in different countries in the name of Islam, God, Quran, religion, and …

But is the world united and serious about destroying Islamic terrorism, similar to the destruction of apartheid and communism? There is no clear and doubtless answer. But is the world united and serious about destroying Islamic terrorism, similar to the destruction of apartheid and communism? There is no straightforward and undoubted answer. However, Iran these difficult and ambiguous days is looking to muddy the waters and knows that in a war with Israel, it will lose everything, yet it lacks the wisdom and reason to stay away from this gamble. But in this Middle Eastern crisis, what is clear is that the mullah regime has neither shame nor fear nor avoidance of creating crimes.

In the last 35 years, Khamenei has neither achieved success nor popularity and legitimacy among the people of Iran, both domestically and internationally. Certainly, he will get nowhere in war, but the ancient and historical country of Iran will become the victim of an 84-year-old senile mullah who is the supreme leader of the world’s terrorists.

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Erfan Fard is a counter-terrorism analyst and Middle East Studies researcher based in Washington, DC. He is in Middle Eastern regional security affairs with a particular focus on Iran, Counter terrorism, IRGC, MOIS and Ethnic conflicts in MENA. \He graduated in International Security Studies (London M. University, UK), and in International Relations (CSU-LA), and is fluent in Persian, Kurdish, Arabic and English. Follow him in this twitter account @EQFARD
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