Lou Sandler

Iraq Redux; Do you Know Who is Organizing our Next War?

This is not a ‘liberal’ v. ‘conservative’ challenge, people. The new neo theological GOP/Israeli hard Right Alliance (a phrase I mean very seriously and will reference further) want to start a real war against Iran. And this is a war which could make the brutality and death of Iraq look far less intense in hindsight.

Under the alternative universe logic being used; since the new GOP/Israeli hard Right Alliance is making real and immediate military threats towards Iran, why wouldn’t (shouldn’t) Iran launch its own preemptive strikes? That the GOP/Israeli Right Alliance would be thrilled if they did is an exact reason why they won’t. Iran is not Iraq or Saddam Hussein.

Why would Iran think that the neo theological GOP/Israeli hard Right Alliance will ‘honor’ the deal that is actually yet to be fully made especially after the 47 acts of Sedition which occurred with that pathetic letter sent to Iran by the GOP?

But Iran’s leaders will need to honor a coherent deal with one reason being that there are lots of real and intelligent people living in Iran who are all paying very close attention.

We are hearing right now the same outright lies we heard pre Iraq…’be in and out in a few weeks’…It didn’t work out that way, did it?

‘Shock and awe;’ but it is the U.S. who is actually still in shock. Ask any of the countless numbers of severely disabled vets who made it home from multiple forced tours of Iraq and/or Afghanistan. Ask the families of those who didn’t make it home…..

The GOP/Israeli Right Alliance is saying that Iran will cry ‘uncle’ and give up its nuclear efforts and intent. That definitely won’t work this way…such a premise never has and never will. No nation in recorded history has retracted or given up new knowledge; newly gained technology.

And nobody but those from the new GOP/Israeli hard Right Alliance are even pretending such claims are correct. But they seem to be getting the media time and the deadly buy in.

All that and it is important to understand that Iran is not Iraq and who is leading the charge to war.

Iran is a sophisticated, educated, well funded, well trained and highly militarized nation with extremist and dangerous but intelligent and politically astute Ayatollahs who are not Saddam Hussein and his bizarro media spokesperson. Remember him….? He won’t be working for Iran.

Iran also has real citizens living there who are intelligent, well educated, literate and deeply frustrated with their leaders and the sanctions combined. Iranians want the sanctions eased. Their leaders have now let them know that is very possible.

If it doesn’t happen obviously because of the leaders, Iranians will be very unhappy. That’s good geopolitics.

If the new Israeli hard Right/GOP Alliance leads an attack on Iran right now, Iranians will organize back around their leaders who will also increase their focus purely on a weapons level nuclear program without any international oversight whatsoever. That is all very bad geopolitics.

We are being suckered exactly like pre Iraq.

If you don’t know who William Kristol and John Bolton are, for instance, you should not be saying much of anything. Both have been trying to drive the U.S. and Iran into war for years and are primary members of the new Alliance. Bolton was W Bush’s UN Representative for a while; the guy with the mustache. Kristol’s PAC has given huge amounts of money to the freshman Senator Tom Cotton – which is highly unusual – and told him what to say and write.

If Israel really was at such immediate risk, why aren’t so many more senior Israeli officials very actively saying so rather than just such a small number? I keep asking this question but have yet to get a single coherent answer; lots of insults but not one real answer.

Objective observers and analysts have also clearly written that there is no way to simply ‘go in and out’ and destroy Iran’s nuclear capacity in a few days or a few weeks, for that matter. This has been well established.

Those saying otherwise; saying the outright insanity to include that we can be ‘in and out;’ that Iran will not dare to ‘retaliate;’ that Iran will cry ‘uncle’ – as has Tom Cotton, for instance – are absolutely and deadly incorrect. And an attack on Iran at this point will also exponentially increase the already brutal chaos in the Middle East while dramatically increasing Iran’s destabilizing activities as well as the recruiting by criminal proxy gangs like ISIS who use a perversion of Islam as a recruiting flag.

Iran also moves around their nuclear development processes meaning that knowing exactly where what is and what is happening at any given location is extremely inexact. And Iran is likely doing that right now even more actively. It would only make military and strategic sense and Iran is an intelligent and sophisticated country; it is not Iraq.

How many really know what is going on?

Do we really want to start not just another war but one which could be truly catastrophic with real global implications prompted by the Israeli hard Right/GOP Alliance which will also continue to grind the American military into the sand? The American military has had the highest rates of active duty and in theatre suicide combined with domestic violence over these past years than at any time in its collected history. How many know that?

What are too many of you thinking? If you still want to attack Iran, you need to really understand what that will mean and who is leading you, and the United States, back into that abyss.

It is Iraq deja vu all over again.

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I was born in Baltimore, MD and have since had a wide range of experiences including a year plus in Israel. I've been a progressive organizer, writer/media spokesperson, coordinator and freelance. I am a PhD level Clinical Behavioral Analyst specializing in severe behavioral need in children (and adults) and their families. I write through no ‘agenda or special interest’ other than being a passionate supporter of Israel and Israel's future.