Is an independent Kurdistan still possible?

We in the west might have missed a golden opportunity  to back and help establish a new democratic state in the Middle East with strong ties to America and European democracies. It could be a Muslim state set up along the same lines as Israel. Both peoples have had similar experiences with the larger Sunni and Shia populations that inhabit the Muslim world.

Now because of President Barak Obama’s continued head in the sand policy in the Middle East the latest casualty might be the hope for an independent Kurdistan.

President Obama’s refusal to put soldiers on the ground has created a gap which the Iranians are now filling. They have come to the aid of their shia brothers in Iraq and are currently fighting in Takrit against the Islamic State, the largest Sunni run terror group in the world.

CBS news is reporting “Iraqi forces are fighting alongside troops from Iran and Iranian general is reportedly commanding the battle.”

Earlier an independent Kurdistan made up of the smaller homelands of Iraqi and Syrian Kurdish territories was a real possibility.  When the Kurds stood their ground protecting their people while Iraqi forces, mostly Shi’ites ran the other way, it did seem like the Kurdish situation should be revisited after this fight is over.

And, that would have been the case.   However, Mr. Obama’s policy appears to be leaning more toward’s Iran and its developing hegemony in the region, rather than Western allies, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and of course, Israel.  And, Iran like Turkey will never relinquish Kurdish territory to become independent.

The Kurds more than any other people in the Middle East are paying the price of Mr. Obama’s failing foreign policy.

My sources in Mosul tell me that if the Iranians take over Iraq, it will make it next to impossible for an independent Kurdistan to emerge. Iran will soak up that part of the Iraqi Kurdish homeland and completely surround it, so that it will be choked off from the linking up with Syrian Kurds to establish a state albeit smaller than the entire Kurdish homeland. It will bring Iran closer to war with Israel and the other Sunni states.

Iran devouring Iraq, is no different than Germany annexing Austria in the last century. Both moves make the enemies of freedom more powerful.

Obama can add this to his list of missed opportunities, a list that seems to grow larger by the day concerning his foreign policy. Instead of strengthening the Kurdish military and giving them what they would have needed to defeat ISIS and thereby creating a second Israeli type ally,  he appears to have chosen to acquiesce to the Iranians. Maybe in hopes of getting that nuclear deal which he would like to showcase as the shining achievement of his foreign policy while in office.

What a joke!

Apparently, to Mr. Obama sacrificing our Kurdish allies is worth his selfish inclinations toward creating his own legacy. The Kurds deserve independence, our friendship and alliance. The Obama administration deserves condemnation for its acts.

One of my sources in Mosul says the following about what will happen to the Sunni population if Iran takes that city:

“There’s about 600,000 Sunni Muslims here (Mosul). Iranians hate them. They know war-fighting in Iraq because of the 8-year-war in the 1980s.  Iraq (Baghdad) doesn’t care because Mosul is in Kurdish territory…”

It is widely believed that the Iranians intend to annex Shi’ite Iraq. It appears at this point that annexation is desired by both Tehran and Iraqi Shi’ites, Since the Shi’ites are mostly consentrated in the South.  the Iranians  will have to annex the Sunni population in the North. There will be a bloodbath when that happens and they will enlarge their territory, bringing them closer to the heart of the Sunni world and Israel. Once the Iranians take that foothold, that will be it. My friends in Mosul think that could be the match that ignites World War III.

The Iranians are undoubtedly aware that they have twenty two months in which to gobble up as much of the Middle East as possible and the United States government won’t do anything to stop them. They know and our other formal allies in the area also know that Mr. Obama by not saying or doing anything about defeating the Daesh in Iraq,  he is giving tacit approval for the Iranians to move in.

Mr. Obama. Where are you? Stop thinking about your legacy and start thinking about saving the world from the evils that exist in the Middle East.

And, long live Kurdistan.

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Larry Hart has been writing and commenting on Jewish issues since 1985. His body is in the U.S., but his heart is in Israel.