Is her book truly what you need in this moment?

Linda Sarsour, the progressive and long-time supporter of the Nation of Islam, has a new book out. Sarsour, a devout Muslim and staunch activist for Muslim rights in the United States, has raised many an eye brow for her hateful and racist comments towards Israel and Zionism.

Sarsour is the epitome of everything that is wrong with the progressive left and the Democratic party of today. It’s interesting that she is a proclaimed feminist, yet as a Jewish woman, who is a proud Zionist, I knew she would have had no place for me in the march of women she helped plan back in 2017…Sarour is a fake feminist and should be called out for who she truly is. She had demanded that Zionist women should be excluded from the feminist movement, while believing it is courageous for Palestinian women to send out their children to throw rocks at Israeli soldiers. Sarsour’s two-faced political agenda fuels every decision that she makes and the hateful tweets she sends out.

In regards to her book, she twitted: “My book will guide you through the last two decades of organizing. It will ground you, motivate you and give you the fuel to keep going because our people deserve that. And because we have a lot more work to do and will never allow those against us to out organize against us. My book is what you need in this moment.”

If this is not a call to jihad, I don’t know what is.

Perhaps what’s even more outrageous is that Simon and Shuster, one of The Big Five Trade Publishers, has given its stamp of approval and essentially legitimized her points of view by publishing the writings.  Where did we go wrong in our understanding of right and wrong allowing such a book be published? One could argue for freedom of speech…but at what cost? When is the freedom of speech gone so far as to attack and undermine the very fabric of the society that has supported the critic. Is freedom of speech okay when its goal is to undermine the government under which it’s being published?

While social media outlets everywhere are using their power to silence conservative voices, the publication of this book is a direct hit not only towards the ideals of what America stands for, but also attacks every Israel loving Jew, regardless of their political stance.

This hateful woman has been quoted as saying: “…States like Israel that is based in supremacy, that is built on the idea that Jews are supreme to everyone else…” and “Nothing is Creeper than Zionism”.

In an era when anti-Semitism has been cloaked under the guise of anti-Zionism, she has led the way for legitimizing hate for Jews and Jewish women who don’t’ agree with her point of view.

Sarour had hoped to become a teacher, but was completed by the event of September 11th to become more involved in furthering the Muslim cause in The United States. My hope is that more strong, Zionist-minded Women – and men – find the strength to speak up and become involved in politics and grassroots efforts to counter the hate that we have seen from the likes of Sarsour.

About the Author
Aylin Sedighi Gabbaizadeh grew up in Shiraz, Iran. She immigrated to the United States at the age of twelve. She has a masters in non-profit-management from New York University. Aylin's passion in life is educating others about the colorful and dynamic culture which she grew up in. Aylin is currently working on her first manuscript about the lives of women and children in old Iran. She is passionate about raising awareness about Mizrahi Jews and their trials and triumphs. Her goal is to open the conversation about the sacrifices that Mizrahi Jews had to make in order to survive the oppressions of the governments which they lived under.
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