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Is Israel to blame for this round of violence?

This blog is for anyone who wonders whether Israel is responsible for the current round of violence.

We are tired of shouting that Palestinian terror organizations are using their own children and hospitals as human shields. Unfortunately, people don’t realize that due to this, the death toll will always be higher on the Palestinian side.
I am well aware that facts don’t mean much anymore. It’s all a question of narrative.
The reality is that Israel is on the wrong side of the intersectionality social movement. Sympathizing with the Palestinians is a thing on campuses, wearing a Kaffiyeh makes liberal people feel like they are freedom fighters. And despite the crowd chanting antisemitic phrases, shouting in Arabic feels exotic and right.
However, if you have any integrity you shouldn’t be buying the anti-Israel propaganda. Not this time at least.
Blaming this cycle of violence on the Israeli supreme court decision to evict 9 Palestinian families from the property in Jerusalem Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood is like shouting out loud that you are clueless but are desperately looking for a reason to blame the Jewish State and this is all you could find.
There are two basic things you should take into consideration:
  1. The Israeli Supreme Court is extremely liberal and has voted more times in favor of  Palestinians than against them. Furthermore, the Supreme Court hasn’t made a final decision on the Sheikh Jarrah case and is waiting for another discussion to take place before actually ruling on evicting the Palestinian families.
  2. Even if you disagree with this court ruling, is this an excuse to start rioting all across the country, burning synagogues and holy scripts, and then fire thousands of rockets on innocent civilians?
Israel only responded to this attack.
Israel did not fire a single shot before Palestinian terror groups opened fire and deliberately attacked Israeli citizens firing thousands of rockets at residential areas.
Ido Avigal, a 5-year-old boy, was killed while seeking safety in a bomb shelter. A pregnant woman was critically injured by a missile that hit her bedroom.
How can any decent person justify these acts of terror? Look in the eyes of late Ido Avigal and ask yourself if you support the side that deliberately attacked this innocent child or do you support the side that celebrates his death.
One last point, many Israelis oppose Netanyahu, and I too am excited for a new coalition to form that will send Netanyahu to the opposition. It’s legitimate to accuse Netanyahu of not doing enough to stop this cycle of violence at its early stages. This doesn’t mean that he should be the blame for this outrageous burst of violence.
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Elkana is an entrepreneur and business manager with a deep passion for education. Since 2007, Elkana has been in the field of experiential education and social entrepreneurship, focusing on community building, social awareness, humanities, and Jewish identity. Elkana currently resides in Eshhar, together with his wife, two daughters, and son.
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