Dana Janine Diamond
Dana Janine Diamond

Is it any wonder?

Fair warning — inelegant column ahead.

Trump is a pig. A total and absolute pig. I mean this in the worst 1970s kind of way. And Ivanka is useless. She’s too much his daughter. His policies toward women are worse than the 50s. He carries on like he’s corrupt and likely in it up to his pipic with Putin. 

And today he comes out and accuses a private citizen of committing a crime providing ZERO evidence — because he’s a liar and has no capacity to hold actual due process, procedures, or policy in his brain. Those tea party guys could barely stomach a Harvard-educated, progressive black man in the Oval. No way could they tolerate a liberal black woman holding down a ‘man’s’ job in the White House. So they attack her when they’re cornered. He’s done this before.

He is incapable of leadership. He has no will to learn or master the job. He wanted power like a child eyes a shiny stick of candy. That’s all there is for him. He abuses his power every time he opens his mouth or Twitter account. Why shouldn’t he? He’s abused everything and everyone his entire life. Speaking of abuse, he declares Bill O’Reilly innocent of sexual harassment, again, providing no evidence.

Someone recently told me, get over it, he won. I’m not the one who can’t get over it. This 70-year-old spoiled man-baby can’t accept that the entire United States of America and our global dealings are HIS responsibility now. He just can’t step up — 75 days in and he is still strategically empty, contradictory and chaotic, singularly focused on blame 

Think about who you would be, the good you would do in the world if you inherited his money. Now think where he’d be without it — sitting on a bench in Atlantic City, making a living from conning the tourists and playing the slots. Or possibly hanging out with the Russian low-level mobsters in Brighton Beach.

Is it any wonder he is clueless about what to do with the presidency? Is it any wonder he is at historic lows in record time? Is it any wonder that it’s up to us, ordinary citizens, to not only save our country, but to save our world? Let’s start with the babies, the innocent children, who have a God-given right to see the world with innocence and wonder.

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Dana is a Jewish feminist, writer and poet. She is passionate about kindness, spirituality, the artist's voice, and speaking out for the vulnerable. She lives in New York.
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