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Is Jeremy Corbyn antisemitic?

People in the U.K. are asking if Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party and potential Prime Minister, is an antisemite.

This question is extraneous.

How do I know if Corbyn is an antisemite or has antisemitic leanings? How does any one of us know the man apart from his public side? Importantly, does Corbyn know himself?

Fact: Corbyn and his cronies, and many of his supporters, are a magnet for antisemites.

I was brought up to believe it wasn’t quite British to call out antisemites; don’t make a fuss, keep a low profile, because there just weren’t any were there? Well perhaps a few loony right wingers. But It was just a bit hysterical to take much notice. Ignore it and it’ll go away.

That was then.

A few days ago someone, pleading apparent ignorance, asked for evidence of Corbyn’s antisemitism. I and others played a straight bat, giving much documentary proof of how too many of Corbyn’s actions (or lack thereof) and/or his ” friends”  either are antisemitic or attract antisemites.  And how this atmosphere causes  slippage so that others listen and casually drift in the same direction. With chilling indifference, the questioner blanked my evidence, by saying it wasn’t evidence.

Thank you.

This person is a member of an off key chorus, the members of which all sing more or less In tune. Just a few of them are AsaJews, a tiny minority of Jewish antiZionists, who repeatedly write to the papers, or are rolled out as witnesses, usually AsaGroup. AsaJews are useful to the non Jewish antisemites who can point to their support to justify their own demonisation and delegitimisation of Israel.

I and most Jewish people in the Uk are terrified of Jeremy Corbyn gaining more power. 

Is our proof for this  (tick the box):

  • Irrelevant?
  • A lie?
  • Bad faith?
  • Propaganda?
  • Unreliable?

Of course not.

Our evidence is relevant, the truth, made in good faith, factual and reliable.

Say it loud, those people and organisations who support the destruction of Israel are antisemitic. They support the annihilation of the only Jewish homeland. Evidence of Corbyn’s support for such people and groups, and hence his support by such people and groups, has been given ad nauseam.

There are those who claim disingenuously to know nothing about these facts but the evidence is easily available. Such people, who elsewhere demonstrate political and historical knowledge,  are in denial, or something rather more. The facts have been all over the newspapers for years and if they’ve been hibernating, Ms Google can give all the evidence. They don’t want to know the facts; or they claim the evidence is invalid. I can’t follow their logic unless I remind myself that facts have never got in the way of closed minds and racism

Let me propose the following:-

  1. If you stand by while a minority group within the UK gives proof that they are experiencing racism aimed at them from Corbyn and/or his followers;
  2. If you contradict those who are subjected to this racism, and who highlight it, by casually telling them they are wrong;
  3. If you say that their evidence is no evidence;
  4. If you ignore a vital part of that evidence, ie the fear itself, which is caused by information about those whom Corbyn et al support together with evidence of their intent, his own words, and his actions or lack of them, then:

you are condoning racism.

If you are doing nothing; if you think it’s not important; or even worse, if you are telling us that what we are experiencing is imaginary, or that we are lying with ulterior motives, you become part of the problem.

Racism is not just a preserve of the far right. Even if you have good left wing credentials, if you condone racism, you too become a racist.

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Judith Ornstein is UK based and a passionate supporter of the arts, who combats the cultural boycott of Israel. Judith is the instigator of the Whitewashed and Forced Out projects, books and films using primary evidence from witnesses to expose Labour's problems with Jews. Whitewashed book and film, and valuable links can be found at www.whitewashed.co.uk Forced Out Links film and book https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B082DJ1LHD/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Forced+Out+Labour+Antisemitism&qid=1575581887&sr=8-1 Companion film here: https://youtu.be/b4f_TexfjbI
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