Is Joe Biden really going to be president to all Americans?


Joe Biden has now been sworn in. And he promises to be President to all Americans. But I have a very big problem with that because I have been watching what has taken place in America for the past two years and it becomes obvious to me that America is not heading in the right direction to make Joe Biden’s statement a reality.

From coast-to-coast America has undergone such a massive change that I doubt if things will ever return to what Americans born thirty years ago would consider normal. Rioting on the streets, robberies, carjacking and looting have gotten out of hand to the point that the police departments in many cities cannot handle routine calls any longer. This is not because those men in blue do not want to help those in need, rather it is because the call to Defund The Police has taken its toll on the moral within the ranks of those officers on duty. Many are now leaving the force and going into other professions.

Where this will lead to is obvious because Joe Biden just is not making “law and order” a priority. President Trump took all the blame for the riots that broke out after George Floyd’s death. And it was Joe Biden himself who was calling out the President, without making any reference to the Democrats that called for Defunding The Police. But it is those Democratic lawmakers who really should be blamed for putting America in this mess.

26,000 National Guardsmen Investigated For What?

All of these servicemen should have been investigated before they could travel to Washington DC, just like I was investigated before being allowed to serve in an Army Reserve Intelligence unit. That is plain common sense which seems to be in short supply in Washington these days.

I heard various rumors those soldiers that were discovered to have extreme signs of loyalty to far-right beliefs were asked to leave. The question is if soldiers showing far-left loyalty were also treated the same way?

Not Investigating The Squad Is A Slap In The Face To Me And All Americans Living In Israel

I want to stress that the past two years the squad’s disgust for America, Israel and all Jews has been made quite clear. We continue to be threatened by Palestinian rockets, terrorists and balloons launched from Gaza. The Palestinians refuse to quit attacking but continue to demand peace talks which should never happen if those rockets continue to be aimed at Israel.

Just this week Rep. Tlaib made the following statement about Israel on January 20 on the United With Israel site:

“It’s really important to understand that Israel is a racist state, in that they would deny Palestinians like my grandmother access to a vaccine, that they don’t believe she’s an equal human being who deserves to live.”

And here is my response to Rep Tlaib:

“If you would stop running down Israel and tell your friends in Gaza to stop firing rockets into my country, then maybe Israel will consider being more considerate toward your people. Israelis also are human beings who deserve to live which you do not seem to understand. So when you finally figure that out, then perhaps you can pass the message along to your good friend Rep. Omar.”

But thanks to President Trump we now have many Arab countries willing to follow UAE and Bahrain’s lead in establishing peace agreements with Israel. Many more countries are showing an interest to go down the same path but it will be a miracle if Biden will encourage that to happen.

This Is Your Wake-Up Call, America  

Very simply put, now with President Trump out of the picture, Israel most likely will not take priority. It is up to American Jewry to make Israel your priority if your new President refuses to do so.

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