Is Obama impeachable-proof?

The lies upon lies, the policies empowering US enemies upon more policies to partner with terrorists, and the lack of integrity and transparency in the Obama Administration all beg the question: Is Barack Obama impeachable-proof because he is African-American?

We live in times when political correctness has gone haywire. Most terrorists are excused (Remember the Rolling Stones article on the Boston Bombers?) and conservative views are demonized (Tea Party advocates are called terrorists). Proponents of political correctness are imposing thick layers of shame against anyone questioning their progressive motives. It is so bad that America has begun to apply its laws selectively based on race, creed, and economic status. What is “Affluenza” but a politically correct progressive concept aiming at excusing illegal and often dangerous behavior?

The word “impeach” is buried so deep inside the thick walls of power in Washington that no one dares to invoke it. Like “Affluenza”, America is letting Barack Obama get away with illegal and dangerous behavior.

Take for example the headlines of this article “U.S. Weighing Closer Ties with Hardline Islamists in Syria”, which begs the question: Why did the Obama Administration not build closer ties with the liberal-minded, first wave of defectors all well vetted by Assad for their moderate views and who formed the nucleus of the Free Syria Army? Instead, Obama ordered no aid and no support for the FSA and extended the ban to US allies in the region. Now, he seems to be embracing US enemies forgetting their terror against the US and almost looking eager to collaborate and partner with the terrorists.

Developing policies against US interests has become the Modus Operandi of the Obama Administration, yet, “impeach” remains an elusive concept Republicans seem afraid of wagging its tail. Between political correctness and the fear the Republicans in the House are showing, Obama is doubling down on almost all his bad policies and Americans are caught In La La Land on foreign and domestic issues, including their own health.

If the Republicans are waiting for the public to grant them a green light to impeach, the same Republicans need no longer bother to accuse Obama of leading from behind. It seems they caught the same contagious disease.

If they are waiting for Obama to sink even deeper in the polls when more Obamacare problems surface in 2014, they need to calculate how reversible the damage would be when Obama is assisting the terrorists, be it Assad, Khamenei, the AQ Islamists in Syria, to a point the US can no longer have any control in the region. Everything Obama is touching is making this nation weaker and open to future devastating conflicts he is setting the foundation for today.

Consider the camaraderie Obama has for the terrorists and hardline Islamists (Remember the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?) and an Op-Ed written by the Saudi Ambassador to Britain Prince Mohammad Bin Nawaf for the New York Times in which he writes:

“.. and yet rather than challenging the Syrian and Iranian governments, some of our Western partners have refused to take much-needed action against them. The West has allowed one regime to survive and the other to continue its program for uranium enrichment, with all the consequent dangers of weaponization.”

The mystery of Obama’s actions, confusing domestically and internationally, should be of grave concern to us. Developing relationships with our enemies under the guise it will protect US interests if the US submits to their evil is extremely dangerous because of the repercussions such policy has on the stability of the region and the unpredictable responses it may kindle.

In the same article printed by the NY Times, Prince Mohammad bin Nawaf also raises other good points:

“We [Saudi Arabia] continue to show our determination through our support for the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian opposition. It is too easy for some in the West to use the threat of Al Qaeda’s terrorist operations in Syria as an excuse for hesitation and inaction. Al Qaeda’s activities are a symptom of the international community’s failure to intervene. They should not become a justification for inaction. The way to prevent the rise of extremism in Syria — and elsewhere — is to support the champions of moderation: financially, materially and yes, militarily, if necessary. To do otherwise is to walk on by, while a humanitarian disaster and strategic failure continue to fester.”

This paragraph summarizes today’s strange world of Obama. A Saudi Ambassador is preaching to an American President about the value of supporting moderate forces instead of extending a hand to the terrorists as Obama has done in Iran and is about to do in Syria, on both sides.

Did the KKK attack Saudi Arabia on 9/11? The Saudis are showing far more maturity and wisdom than Obama could ever muster.

US Congress has an obligation to “impeach” this president for lying repeatedly to the American people and for endangering US interests by collaborating with terrorists and enemies of the US. Some may label him Trayvon Obama for such calls, but I think the American people know well that it is not about his proud African-American roots, it is about his ideological policies causing great harm to US interests.

No one should be impeachable-proof thus forcing us to succumb to political correctness at a great cost to this nation and its people.