Is Staying In The New Going Out?


So I think I am at a stage in my life where I am enjoying staying home more than I am enjoying going out.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a night where I can go out with my girls, have a couple of Lambruscos and dance the night away but that rarely happens. Being in a group of girls, no one ever wants to do the same thing, and a lot of the time the ones who all agree on something is usually the place that I hate. I am not a big drinker. I like to have a glass or two and have fun, but I am way past the stage of going out to get completely barstooled and spend the next day dying in bed saying that I will never drink again. Long gone are those days.

When I tell people this they are usually shocked. A lot of people knew me for being the wild party girl, always out, always social, but lately, that girl has been lost. Now this isn’t a bad thing. I guess it comes with growing up, but you know, it does get boring.

Going to a bar and being single and with a group of girls, guys automatically think you are there to pick up an order of penis with a side order of regret in the morning. No thank you. Been there, done that, went home in his shirt for proof – (actually it was because I lost my top!)

Now days I would much prefer to go for a nice dinner and a glass of bubbly or to a friends’ house for wine and cheese night, or a movie. The thought of going to a club where you have to shout over the sound of Avicii or whoever the now DJ of the moment is to talk to your friends, be stood on by some tramp in heels, pushed by big crowds of people, or go to pee in a toilet that is chlamydia ridden and has vomit in it makes me actually want to put needles into my eyes.

My friends, if you are reading this and agreeing, well, welcome to adulthood.

I bet your friends tell you “don’t be boring” when it comes to a Friday night and they are all going out but you would rather sit on the couch watching an awesome documentary, wearing a pair of sweat pants and eating a burrito.

When we’re young, we’re more inclined to do things that either we think we are supposed to do, or that we think will earn us the things we want, like fulfillment, acceptance, and love. With just a little age, you realize that you don’t give a damn about what you’re “supposed” to do with your life, and you no longer feel compelled to look outside of yourself for things like acceptance and love—or, at the very least, you realize that you’ll never find them by running around dark city streets at 2 AM in uncomfortable shoes.

Hear this… If you want to be boring, be boring! Don’t feel like you need to be forced to go out just because you may have FOMO (fear of missing out.) Forget FOMO!! What is the biggest thing you can truly miss out on from a night at a local pub? David Beckham has never once walked in and neither has the love of your life, there has never been a bitch fight nor have drinks ever been on the house. So you truly are not missing out.

My life has changed. I am growing up. I have become a bit of a grandma but that’s okay, because when I want to go out, I will go out. I will do the things I WANT to do and not the things that everybody else is doing, just to feel a part of it. Forget FOMO, let us have JOMO (joy of missing out) instead! Embrace the messy bun and big t-shirt!

So what is your thought? Is staying in the new going out?

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