Is the New York Post supporting the end of Israel?

Oh man… I couldn’t believe this when I saw it but it’s true… it’s there. The NY Post is calling David Harris Gershon’s Book “What do you buy the children of the Terrorist that tried to kill your wife?” a “Must Read“. So you might ask, WHY in recommending this book, would the NY POST be guilty of supporting the end of Israel?

Well… I’ll tell ya… It is not the book itself which is a blatant attempt to pimp a tragedy that wounded his wife and killed friends and turn it into both a scheme to make a couple of bucks AND draw attention to the cause of Palestinian nationalism. Ok… well it is that, but, it is also the author who is strong supporter of the Eliminationist Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement against Israel, and who consistently writes articles that could be written by Hamas’ Editorial Team.

Now, Harris-Gershon claims to be a supporter of the Two State Solution, but how can one be a supporter of that AND support a movement that specifically calls for the elimination of Israel? Well, for Harris-Gershon it is easy. He simply endorses the BDS Movement and with it, the call for Palestinian Right of Return to pre-1967 Israel. So he can shrug his shoulders and say “Well, sure I am for Two States”. Of course, what he means is a Palestinian State AND an Israel that has a Palestinian Majority (thru Palestinian RoR). Simple. He is not technically lying but for all practical purposes since an Israel with a Palestinian majority would no longer be Israel in the sense it was created (to be the National Homeland and State of the Jewish People) he is de facto calling for the elimination of Israel.

But not only does Harris-Gershon support the eliminationist BDS Movement,  he is a strong supporter of Berkeley Professor Dr. Judith Butler (to the point where he quotes her in his profile at Daily Kos) with this quote:

“If the Jew who struggles for justice for Palestine is considered anti-Semitic, & if Palestinians seeking self-determination are so accused…then no oppositional move can take place w/o risking the accusation.” – Judith Butler “

Now who is Judith Butler… Well she is only the person who said this:

“…Similarly, I think: Yes, understanding Hamas, Hezbollah as social movements that are progressive, that are on the Left, that are part of a global Left, is extremely important.”

All one needs to do is look at Harris-Gershons’ articles at Tikkun Daily and Daily Kos to see exactly where he stands on things. Read his attention grabbing headlines, then look at the half-truths and outright exaggerations that he posts in each and every article in an effort to vilify the State of Israel.

But if you really want to be nauseated, look at the comments that accompany his writing and then look to see how he either ignores the outright anti-Semitism or goes after the his critics with personal and often irrelevant arguments.

For instance… on Amazon he receives a very popular review of this book from Holocaust denier Greta Berlin. Berlin writes:

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 13, 2013 6:06:35 AM PDT
Thanks to Carl Freeman for recommending the book, I have downloaded it onto my Kindle. It looks as though the Ziobots are anxious and will probably be over here pounding their hasbara agenda while never bother to read the book. I’ll be sure to write a review once I’ve finished… thank you

Does Harris-Gershon respond at all to support from Berlin with even a note stating that he does not appreciate her support? Of course not, rather the only comment that he makes is one ragging on one of his critics who posted there. Harris-Gershon HAD the opportunity to respond, he just chose not to.

Oh yes and of course we have this line from a Harris-Gershon article at Daily Kos:

But when the hawkish, “pro-Israel” lobby in America can influence our representatives to sound as if they – well – are representing Israel’s citizens more than our own?


We have a problem. A problem that must be discussed openly and honestly

So we have support for the Elimination of Israel – check

We have support for Judith Butler who is a supporter of the Terrorist Movements Hamas and Hizbollah – Check

We have no push back to the support of Holocaust Deniers – check

We have no push back on anti-Semitic commentary in Harris-Gershon’ articles – check

And we have pushing of the anti-Semitic “Dual Loyalty Canard”

So how would we react to the NY POST recommending books by noted by such luminaries as David Duke, or Gilad Atzmom? Wouldn’t that be telling us something? Of course it would.

SO what does their support for a book written by someone who cozies up to holocaust deniers, and anti-Semites, who supports and even uses quotes as his “Sig line” from people who actively promote Hamas and Hizbollah, and who actively supports (through support for BDS) the elimination of Israel tell us?



About the Author
Jon Segall is creator of the blog The Progressive Zionist. Jon has lived in Israel and studied Israeli and American Policy in the region. Currently Jon, is re-learning Hebrew, and is an active practitioner of the Israel Self Defense Martial Art Krav Maga.