Joshua Curiel
Joshua Curiel

Is there a question of Jeremy Corbyn’s complicity anymore?

Labour’s anti-Semitism problem isn’t ending away any time soon. But it seems Jeremy Corbyn is hoping it will do.

A couple of weeks ago, Corbyn was met with the mother of all questions. When the Labour leader was asked whether he was the man to patch things up between the Jewish community and the party, Corbyn was somewhat lost for words:

Reporter: ‘Are relations between the Labour leadership and the British Jewish community broken beyond repair?

…Can you fix the relationship, Mr Corbyn?’

Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Good morning, nice to see you. Goodbye…Can you close the window please.’

Whilst I would have reacted with anger a few months back to this sort of exchange, I now chuckle a little – before plunging into a deep thought. Is it still a sane question to ask whether Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic or, at the very least, complicit?

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